Café Scientifique - Spatial planning: for a responsible urbanism 

16 January 2020 20:00

Thursday 16 January 2020, the association Science-Actions offers you the opportunity to exchange ideas on land use planning. The Café Scientifique "Spatial planning: for a responsible urbanism" will be held in the following locations at the MJC (espace Bartem) at 311 Faubourg Montmélian in Chambéryand will start at 8:00.

Land use planning: for responsible urban planning

Spatial planning was first thought out in terms of infrastructure in order to develop the most active areas around the metropolises and to open up regions that have remained isolated from economic and demographic dynamism. This led to the development of cities, motorways, urban transit, commercial areas, collective housing areas and then individual housing areas, all to the detriment of agricultural land, wetlands and biodiversity. Environmental protection has therefore logically become one of the stated objectives of spatial planning. Although the town of Chambéry is experiencing a moderate increase in population, its suburban ring is experiencing very rapid growth. Due to urban sprawl, the commute from home to work has become longer and more frequent. Traffic has become denser and the quality of life has been affected. Improving the quality of life of the inhabitants is therefore one of the objectives of spatial planning. Under these conditions, how will Savoie welcome 60,000 new inhabitants by 2040? By continuing to urbanise the Geneva / Grenoble axis and relegating "natural" areas to the non-skiable mountain areas? Or is another regional and urban development plan possible?

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