[Off Campus] Theatrical Perspectives - Harlequin and Polichinelle at War, or the Rival Actors

14 March 2019 17:30 - 14 March 2019 21:00

On Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 7 pm, as part of the Theatrical Perspectives of the University Savoie Mont Blanc, come discover or rediscover the show "Harlequin and Polichinelle at war, or rival actors" at the Auditorium of the Cité des Arts in Chambéry.

The show will be preceded by an introductory lecture to the show at 5:30 pm. This introductory lecture will be given by Françoise Rubellin, professor at the University of Nantes, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies: "Polichinelle and Harlequin, emblematic figures of the Théâtre de la Foire and the Comédie-Italienne in Paris in the 18th century".

about the event

Who of Harlequin or Polichinelle was the best actor in Paris in the 18th century? The show, inspired by several original texts, notably by Polichinelle censeur des théâtres de Carolet (1737), plunges you into the heart of commedia dell'arte and the theatres of the Fair. Satirical puppets and burlesque lazzi recreate the popular comedy of the Age of Enlightenment with :

  • Enrico Bonavera, actor (Harlequin from the Piccolo Teatro in Milan)
  • Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux, puppeteer (Théâtre de l'Ambigu-Comique, Paris)
  • Etienne Galletier, guitar
  • François-Xavier Guinnepain, lighting and scenography
  • Puppets scupted by Petr Rezac
  • Castelet decorated by Philippe Chanel

The show "Harlequin and Polichinelle at War" is a creation for Theatrical Perspectives; the show will then go on tour. The USMB is therefore not simply a presenter, it actively participates in its production.

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