Becoming Graduates

Every year, the USMB observatory surveys all graduates of DUT, Licence pro, Master and engineering degrees.

This study is carried out within the framework of the national survey of professional bachelor's and master's graduates, led by the General Directorate for Higher Education and Professional Integration (DGESIP).

The questionnaire asked them about their professional situation one and two years after graduation, their career path since leaving university and their assessment of their current situation and academics.

Rate of professional integration at 30 months

Graduates 2015 Graduates 2016 Graduates 2017
USMB National USMB National USMB National
DUT 93% 91% 93% 92% 89% 90%
Pro license. 97% 94% 93% 93% 94% 94%
Master 94% 91% 93% 92% 93% 92%
Engineer 99% 94% 98%

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