The keys to success

The Bureau d'aide à l'insertion professionnelle (BAIP) helps you in your search for internships and jobs (consultation of internship and job offers).

We advise you on topics related to employment and professional integration and provide you with documentation on jobs, sectors of activity, companies...

We organise individual interviews or workshops to support you in your search for internships and jobs (CVs, letters, interviews, etc.) during the offices or by appointment.


This essential step will allow you to make an inventory:

  • By analysing all aspects of your career path (training, professional and personal experience),
  • By identifying your knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills, or skills/knowledge/qualities
  • By determining your interests, your motivations,
  • By taking into account your personal values.

Before you even apply, and to understand how you should proceed, it is in your interest to explore the job market to refine your project, and perhaps discover companies, professions, functions that you may not have thought of!



All market players have different expectations and practices that may be different. This step will allow you to gather as much information as possible on the trades, sectors and companies you are targeting.

From then on, you will be able to:

  • Target your search,
  • Validate the consistency of your project with the company's needs,
  • Know who to send your application to,
  • Better define your action plan by adapting your tools to your interlocutor.



Good communication means knowing your target and your objective, knowing how to adapt your language and style to your interlocutor. Applying for a job, whether for training, internship or employment, requires a long reflective process.

Your communication tools must be eye-catching and must make the recruiter want to meet you.

Here you will find some tips and resources that will help you create quality communication tools.