Our reception service can help you in your search for accommodation in a university residence (only for students under Exchange Agreement). However, due to the number of requests we receive each year and the low number of rooms available in university residences, we are unfortunately not able to satisfy all the requests.

In order to maximize your chances of finding a home easily, please respect the application deadlines when you make your Registration at the Savoie Mont Blanc University.

Applications will be processed in order of arrival. If your application is selected, we will put you in touch with the University residence. In this case, you will have to pay the deposit to confirm your accommodation, otherwise the room will be assigned to another student.

In mid-July 2018, all students who asked for help in their search for housing were offered a housing offer in the 2018/2019 school year.

In order to best accompany you in your search for accommodation, we also offer other accommodation possibilities:


To rent a dwelling in France, the landlord or lessor requests a guarantee to avoid unpaid rents. It is customary to ask a parent in France to vouch for the tenant. If you do not have a family/friends in France, but a financial guarantee is required so that you can rent your accommodation, the French State has put in place a replacement solution named VISALE. This is achieved by obtaining a certificate in accordance with the following 3 steps:

  1. I am applying for a "Visa/certificate" before signing my lease.
  2. I get my "Visa/certificate".
  3. I'm handing over my visa/certificate to my future landlord.

This certificate exempts you from presenting a parental guarantee.

Regardless of the type of accommodation you will occupy, a rental insurance is mandatory.

  • What is it used for? To insure your accommodation in case of fire, explosion, water damage...
  • Where to go? Upon your arrival in France, you can contact:

– the mutual student SMERRA
– the mutual student LMDE
– Your bank in France or a specialised agency.

  • What is the cost? Between 40 and 55 euros per year according to insurance and depending on the accommodation you occupy.

The personal housing assistance (APL) is a financial aid awarded, under certain conditions, to tenants of a dwelling in France. It is either directly deducted from the rent or paid into your bank account.

  • What conditions?

Students from theEuropean economic area can apply for personalized assistance to the housing as soon as they arrive.

Students outside the European economic area must obtain the residence permit in order to apply for housing assistance.

Attention: If your visa is labelled: "waiver of residence permit", you will not be able to benefit from this assistance.

  • How do I get this help?

Log on to the website the Caisse d'allowances familial (CAF),, to apply for APL.

> online application

You can also find out more about the Agency closest to you:

Family allowances Fund in Chambéry – 20 Avenue Jean Jaurès – 73000 Chambéry
Family allowances Fund in Annecy – 2 rue Emile Romanet – 74987 Annecy Cedex 9
You can also ask for advice directly from your student residence.

– the completed and signed dossier.
– the certificate of rent or residence, completed by the owner or the Manager of your dwelling.
– a Bank identity statement (RIB)
– Extract of birth certificate (certified translation)
– If you are part of the European economic area: national identity card or family booklet or passport or residence permit or birth certificate extract.
– If you come from a country outside the European economic area: valid residence permit.