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You come to the University Savoie Mont Blanc in the framework of a privileged partnership between your home university and the USMB, through the Erasmus program or a bilateral agreement.

To find out if your university has a cooperation agreement with the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, please consult the international relations office of your home university.



There are several steps to registering at the University:

  1. a pre-registration via the Moveonline software around March for the 1st semester and October for the 2nd semester before your arrival in France
  2. a "Contribution to Student and Campus Life" (CVEC) - see modalities below
  3. an administrative registration upon your arrival in France
  4. a pedagogical registration

Every year, the University of Savoie Mont Blanc sends an official document to the International Relations Department of the partner universities indicating the modalities and dates of registration.

Your pre-registration consists of an online registration (1), followed by a paper application (2).

1- Entering your application online for the year 2020/2021

Students who plan to study at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc as part of an exchange program (Erasmus, bilateral agreements, ISEP, ORA, BCI, BRAFITEC...) during the academic year 2020/2021 must register online.

Registrations for the second semester (January 2021 to May or June 2021) are open from Monday 12 October to Friday 8 November 2020.

To register, click here.

The International Relations Department can help students with their research accommodation, within the limits of available places. Accommodation will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis.

2- Mailing of your paper file

So that we can guarantee you a quality welcome, we thank you for respecting the deadlines and the following procedure:

  • Fill out the application formsave it in PDF format and sign it (+ download and fill in the housing demand if you are interested).
    Please indicate THE VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS that you consult regularly because you will receive a lot of useful information!
  • Establish your study contract (=Learning Agreement, the blank form of which will be provided to you by your home university) and sign it.
  • Have the application form and the study contract signed by the coordinator of your home university.
    WARNING: your application cannot be accepted if your registration form and your study contract are not signed by the coordinator of your home university.
  • Attach a copy of your study contract to the MoveOn online application.

Send these 3 original signed documents (application form, housing application and study contract) by post before the final deadline of Friday, November 15, 2020, at the following address:

Mrs Séverine QUILLIET, incoming mobility coordinator

University Savoie Mont Blanc - International Relations Department
27, rue Marcoz BP 1104

F- 73011 CHAMBERY Cedex

Incomplete applications will not be considered after this date!

Upon receipt of this file, the International Relations Department will forward your application to the faculty concerned for validation.

Wait for the response from the International Relations Department, which will inform you by e-mail of the receipt of your application, the acceptance (or not) of your application and important data concerning your arrival and stay.

Once your application has been validated, the International Relations Department will send you an e-mail containing :

  • the letter of acceptance to the University Savoie Mont Blanc,
  • an information pack containing: the list of documents required for your administrative registration, the dates of the welcome meetings, the list of contact persons per faculty.

For foreign students from outside the European Union, the original letter of acceptance to the University of Savoie Mont Blanc will be sent to you by post, in order to facilitate your visa procedures.

Please note: We send the information relating to your registration and your arrival in France to the email address you indicate in the application form. So remember to check your e-mail box regularly.

If you have any questions and/or problems regarding your pre-registration, please contact : Mrs. Séverine QUILLIET

If you are an international exchange student in France, you are not concerned by this contribution. You do not have to pay it.

EXCEPTION: However, students who are in a double degree program and who pay the registration fees to the Université Savoie Mont Blanc must pay the CVEC. Students who are in double degree and who pay the registration fees at their home university do not pay the CVEC.

The CVEC is the Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus. The law provides that it is collected by the Crous.
With an annual amount of 92€, one can be subject to it or be exempted from it depending on the case.

For those who have to pay it, please respect the following payment procedure:

  1. Log on to or create an account
  2. Indicate your city of study
  3. Pay your CVEC, by credit card
  4. Obtain your certificate, to be presented to your school when you register.

Once you have arrived in France, you will have to officially register at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc. Registration is a 2-step process: an administrative registration then a pedagogical registration.


  • In September for the first semester and for the full academic year
  • In January-February for the second half of the year

Prior to registration, welcome meetings will be organised by the International Relations Department, which will help you fill in the registration form and present useful information about your stay in Savoie (social security, insurance, housing assistance, etc.).

Your presence is essential, your convocation (date and time) for registration is given to you that day.

What documents to bring?

Please present yourself at the registration desk with the requested documents:

It corresponds to the choice of the courses you wish to follow, according to your studies in your country of origin, and according to the UFR you belong to at the University of Savoie Mont Blanc.

For this, the administrative correspondent for international relations at your faculty will provide you with a booklet summarizing all the courses given in this component.

UFR IR Administrative Correspondent Phone E-mail
 Faculty of Law (FD) Sarah POCOBENE Mobility OUT

Fanny AGA Mobility IN

04 79 75 84 12, Suite 309

04 79 75 85 32, Suite 309
 Letters, Languages, Humanities (LLSH)  Marion ARNAUD 04 79 75 83 35, Suite 221
 Institute of Business Administration, Chambéry site (IAE Chambéry)  Marta BORCHIO 04 79 75 85 58

Office 106


 Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, Annecy (IAE Annecy)  Cathy FAUBRY  04 50 09 24 94

Office 050
 Engineering School, Chambéry site (Polytech Annecy Chambéry)  Florence GUICHET  04 79 75 87 81, Room 2A009
 Engineering school, old site (Polytech Annecy Chambéry)  Catherine BROWNE  04 50 60 66 45

LB Office B119
 University Institute of Technology, Chambéry site (IUT de Chambéry) Isabelle COMI-PIANELLI  04 79 75 81 97
 University Institute of Technology, Annecy site (IUT d'Annecy)  Nadine COLOGON

Karoliina PESU

 04 50 09 22 10

04 50 09 23 13

Office F210
 Science and Mountain (Scem)  Souhila SLIM  04 79 75 86 09


Building 8B
Room 278