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Climate in danger: 15 days of activities in your BUs (exhibitions, mini-conferences, workshops, etc.) - Annecy and Bourget campuses

January 16 - January 27

According to a recent UN scientific report, the ozone layer is "on track" to recover in four decades. Good news, you may say! Yes, but not everything is won yet to really save our beautiful blue planet, far from it. The climate remains in danger and it is by understanding more about how it works and how it is disrupted that we can act on the causes and consequences of global warming.

This month, the University Libraries (BU) of Annecy and Le Bourget-du-Lac are focusing on the issue of climate. Exhibitions, mini-conferences of scientific experts, workshops Fresque du Climat : from January 16 to 27From January 16 to 27, 15 days of activities await you to learn, reflect, exchange and act for the climate!


You missed the Climate Fresco workshops during the European Week for Waste Reduction? The Campus 1.5 collective of the USMB is back at it again (or rather the cards are in play)! Because it is necessary to understand a problem in order to find solutions and take action, the Climate Fresco is a participatory awareness-raising workshop which, with the help of a card game, allows people to understand how climate change works and how to take effective action as citizens.

Register now by clicking on the workshop of your choice below; space is limited!

- Le Bourget campus: January 19 from 4:30 to 7:30 pm (on the occasion of the Night of Reading whose theme is "Climate Fear") and January 26 from 3:30 pm to 7 pm.
- Annecy campus: CANCELLED - January 19 from 4 to 7 pm

Each workshop will be led by researchers and students of the USMB.


Who better than scientific experts to give you an update on the state of the climate today? In 30 minutes, our teacher-researchers share their knowledge with you! Meet them in your your BU on the Le Bourget campus from 12:00 to 12:30 to discuss the following topics:

"Reflections on the limits to growth: the Meadows report 50 years ago"
Monday, January 16 / with Corinne Bonafoux, Lecturer in Contemporary History at the LLSETI laboratory

"Ice under the rocks: how is global warming impacting mountain permafrost?"
Tuesday, January 17
/ with Xavier Bodin, CNRS research fellow at the EDYTEM laboratory
"The melting of this "cement of the slopes" that constitutes the mountain permafrost challenges the scientific world has concrete consequences in terms of natural hazards, particularly in the Alps. In this context, the
In this context, is the acceleration and destabilization of rock glaciers observed since the 1990s a cause for concern? With nearly 1500 rock glaciers in the French Alps, covering an area of more than 80 km², the recent and future evolution of these geomorphological indicators typical of permafrost is better and better deciphered...

"Bad weather for the glaciers"
Wednesday, January 18
/ with Philip Deline, lecturer at the EDYTEM laboratory
The current rapid retreat of glaciers is undoubtedly one of the most visible manifestations of contemporary climate change. From the Alps to Greenland, small and large glaciers are shrinking like a stone, threatening water resources, creating risks and raising ocean levels. A better understanding of glaciers and their past, present and future evolution is therefore essential.

"Open Science and Climate Justice"
Tuesday, January 24 (12:00-1:00 pm)
/ with Philippe Lesage, lecturer in Earth Sciences at the ISTerre laboratory and the BU Research Support Service
To face the climate challenges, the results of scientific research must be accessible to all. This is the objective of "Open Science". But in the face of urgency, should scientists remain neutral or can they engage in various forms of action for climate justice?

"Global warming: scenarios for the future?"
Wednesday, January 25 / with Isabelle Couchoud, lecturer at the EDYTEM laboratory
Human activities have increased the greenhouse effect, the Earth has already warmed up by +1.2°C compared to the pre-industrial period and the consequences are increasingly visible. But how will global warming evolve during this century? Sophisticated modelling allows us to make projections according to various scenarios. What are the assumptions considered? What path could global warming take? The future is not written, but it is up to us to anticipate it.


The January 26the BU du Bourget is organizing the Day "Students commit themselves to the climate with the student associations Blairoudeurs Chambéry, Univert and the Campus 1.5 USMB collective. Exchanges, presentation of projects, mini-conference on student commitment: meeting from 11:30 am in the library hall.


The climate in danger
After the BU of Jacob-Bellecombette, it is the turn of the Le Bourget campus to receive theexhibition "Le Climat en danger".. Lent by the Eureka Gallery and produced by Double Helix, this exhibition reveals the main causes and consequences of global warming through 9 illustrated panels.

Sustainable development goals
Produced by the GoodPlanet Foundation, this exhibition installed on the Annecy campus presents the environmental and social issues of today's world and the solutions that will make tomorrow's world. Resolutely focused on the respect of the diversity of human beings and natural resources, the posters present a selection of photographs accompanied by educational texts.

The climate is changing
Also on the Annecy campus, discover how the climate crisis impacts France and the rest of the world, and what current and future solutions can be put in place to reduce the impact of human activity on the climate. This exhibition is brought to you by the Ile-de-France Ecological Transition Agency and the Climate Action Network France.

The two exhibitions on the Annecy campus are on loan from Jacques Letourneur, a former teacher at the university.

Do you have a question? Contact your libraries: BU du Bourget / BU d'Annecy


January 16th
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January 27
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