1 -Students on exchange programmes (Erasmus+, ORA, BCI (CREPUQ), ISEP, Sciences sans frontières, BRAFITEC, and also double diplomas and bilateral/multilateral agreements):
registration on the software program MoveOn

In order to check if your university has an agreement with the Université Savoie Mont Blanc, please contact directly your international relations office.


When to apply for the academic year* 2017/2018?

  • Academic year* : First Semester (September 2017-January 2018) and Second semester (January/February-May/June 2018)

Students can apply for the first semester: (from September to December 2017 or to January 2018) or for the whole academic year 2017/2018 (from September 2017 to May or June 2018). There are 2 sessions:

- The first session (from 20th March to 14th April 2017) is now closed.

Only for the first session the International Relations Office could help students for accommodation.

- The second session online application (red link below) (from 9th to 19th May 2017) is now closed.

If you apply for this second session, the international relations office can't help you to find an accommodation.



If students want to come only for the second semester (from January to May or June 2018, they have to apply on October 2017, not before.

How to apply for the second session?

Please follow carefully the steps below:

1. Fill in the online Application form, print it in a PDF format and sign it.

Please indicate a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS that you check regularly because you will receive a lot of important information!

2. Establish your Learning Agreement, (your university’s coordinator will provide one) and sign it.

3. Submit your Application Form and your Learning Agreement to your university’s coordinator for him to sign it.

ATTENTION: without the Application Form and Learning Agreement signed by your university’s coordinator no application will be accepted!

4. Attach on the online application MoveOn the copy of your learning agreement.

5. Send the 2 original documents by post (see address at the address below);

No application send after the deadlines will be accepted!

6. Wait for an answer from the International Relations Office updating you with confirmation of reception of your file, approval (or not) of your application as well as important information concerning your arrival and your stay.

Mrs Séverine QUILLIET
Incoming students
Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Direction des Relations Internationales
27, rue Marcoz
BP 1104
73011 CHAMBERY Cedex

No application sent after May 31st 2017 will be accepted.


2 - Students who are NOT part of an exchange programme
and come from outside the EEE
and who have certification of completion of secondary education

A preliminary request for admission (called in French a « D.A.P.: demande d’admission préalable ») is compulsory for foreign students coming from outside the European Economic Area and who possess certification of completion of secondary education and who wish to apply for admission to the first year of a Licence (called in many countries a « Bachelor ») degree programme.

What are the conditions?

A test of knowledge of the French language (TCF-DAP) : written and oral comprehension and written expression. This examination has to be paid for. To give an indication of the time, this test will take place at the Université Savoie Mont Blanc on February for admission to the university in September.

In the selection process, you are allowed to make 3 choices of French universities, in order of preference.


> If you are resident in France:

You must use the application form called « dossier vert ».

How can you obtain this application form?

  • By the internet : click here
  • By post : sending your request, with a photocopy of your passport or identity card.

> If you are resident in another country...

  • ... in a country which is a partner country of « Campus France »

Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Guinea, India, Ivory Coast, Korea, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Senegal, Syria (ajourned), Russia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey, United States, Vietnam.

You can make your preliminary request for admission (« demande d'admission préalable ») by going on line to the site corresponding to your country of origin, (for example : and following the instructions given) OR by going to:

  • ... in a country which does not have the electronic facilities of  Campus France

> by using the paper application form called « dossier blanc »

You should make your preliminary request for admission (« demande d'admission préalable ») at the cooperation and cultural action service (« service de coopération et d'action culturelle ») of the French Embassy in your country. You can download the forms here.


If you have any question, please contact directly:

Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Scolarité Centrale
27 rue Marcoz
Phone : +33 (0)
Mail :

- Campus France