Modèle décidable de la Topologie générale

GENERAL TOPOLOGY on Distributive Set Theory


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General Information

Topology_on_DST_structurev1.v is a Coq library created by R. Dapoigny and P. Barlatier whose purpose is to propose a decidable and consistent structure of general topology . To reach that objective, the developed structure relies again on the Distributive Set Theory (DST for short) expressed in Dependent Type Theory and based on characteristic functions to formulate appropriate definitions. Then, using Clay’s single axiom for partial order, and adding the two basic axioms of general topology (i.e., union and intersection of open sets) we demonstrate that this axiom is provable assuming set inclusion as partial order and a universe of existing regular open sets.  As a result, the developed library is a theoretical construct depending on few axioms and on a set of definitions.


  • Coq (> v8.9)