Mechanical characterization of greener steels: will they have a place in tomorrow's industry?

Period, duration

may - june 2024

Profile required

MM4 engineering student at Polytech Annecy-Chambéry


4.05/h (standard)


Annecy-le-vieux ; Maison de la mécatronique ; Symme laboratory


The aim of this internship is to characterize steels from so-called green production (100% recycled steels or steels obtained from hydrogen-reduced iron).
Characterization will be carried out :

  • Chemical characterization using spectrometer measurements to confirm the elements present in the materials, with an initial comparison with steels of the same grade but produced in the standard way. This can be supplemented by microstructural analysis.
  • Mechanical characterization with tensile tests and 4-point bending tests on the large-scale prototype developed specifically by the Symme laboratory.
    A final section will focus on formability in bending with a predefined tool, an imposed development and stop position.

The aim of this double characterization will be to compare the characteristics of green steels with standard steels in order to position them in relation to each other.

At the end of the course, you will be offered the chance to write an article for a scientific journal.

This internship will take place at the Symme laboratory in Annecy, in partnership with Bystronic (Switzerland). One or more trips to this company may be planned to carry out specific bending tests.

Candidates must be motivated and interested in materials characterization, as well as in the application of this knowledge in an industrial field. Attendance at the laboratory is mandatory. The candidate must also be prepared to travel for short periods and to work in an environment where the spoken and written language is English or German during his/her stay at Bystronic.



Project team

Pascale Balland, teacher-researcher, IUT GMP Annecy / SYMME

Wilfried Liegard, PhD student BYSTRONIC / SYMME