Getting here


We hope this information will facilitate your travel plans.


Chambéry airport : unfortunately there are no direct flights (apart from daily links to Paris, and special ski flights during the winter season). Some airlines might include a link from Paris, but there are only 2 flights a day, and the price could be quite high!


You will get more choice and probably cheaper prices by flying to Lyon (St Exupéry) airport, via Paris/Amsterdam/London/etc…Check the different airlines (Air France/ Delta, KLM/ Northwest/ British Airways/Lufthansa/BN, etc..) as prices can vary a lot.

From Lyon airport there is a direct shuttle bus link to Chambéry town centre 5 times a day. It takes 1 hour, and costs 20 euros. Times available on: (Transports) There are also 2 or 3 direct train links (from the airport to Chambéry), 1 hour, cost about 20 euros. Times: (Transports).

We feel this is the most suitable route as it keeps connections and carrying your baggage to a minimum!!

There is also the possibility to take the shuttle bus to Lyon Part Dieu station, then train to Chambéry, but this takes about 2½ hours.



If it is more convenient however (or a lot cheaper) for you to leave your flight in Paris, the train ( TGV= high speed train) connections to Chambéry are good, fairly frequent but not direct.

  • Arrival in Roissy Charles de Gaulle

2 possibilities :
– direct TGV to Lyon (Part Dieu) train station (=approx 2½ hours), then local train to Chambéry ( 1½ h).
– train or subway link to gare de Lyon train station in Paris (40 minutes involving one change), then direct TGV train (3hrs) to Chambéry. Cost in both cases approx 70 euros single. Times:

  • Arrival in Orly airport :

Take frequent public transport or shuttle bus to gare de Lyon train station in central Paris (however, you will probably need to change at least once), then direct TGV train to Chambéry (3hrs). Times:



If you arrive in Geneva airport, Chambéry is approx 1½ hrs away by train. Frequent trains leave from the airport to Geneva central station. From there, 3 or 4 direct trains per day, and 1 or 2 with a change. Cost about 20 euros.

There is also a shuttle bus link to Chambéry.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Bon voyage !