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1.Fully accredited teaching

In offering an ISEP SUMMER program in French language, culture and contemporary society we are also very much aware that in addition to the range and quality of the taught courses available, the “total ISEP student experience” also includes good accommodation facilities, dedicated support services on the spot, chances to integrate into the local society, and an enjoyable program of activities. In all of these fields, with 8 years of experience, we have taken steps to enhance and optimize what we offer.

The Université Savoie Mont Blanc, on its Chambéry campus, is fortunate in having the services of its fully accredited specialist institute ISEFE (Institut Savoisien des Etudes de Français pour Etrangers) to provide expert teaching in the field of spoken and written French expression, as well as listening  and reading comprehension. All levels are catered for, from total beginners (A1) to highly advanced (C2), ensuring you will find the most suitable level to optimize your progress. Teaching is in small groups (10 – 15 approx) and based on interactive methods. Classroom contact hours vary from 18 to 20 per week, with extra support freely available in the multi-media center. The multi-national composition of each group tends to ensure that French is the lingua franca, thereby promoting opportunities for everyday oral practice of our language, as well as adding an international flavor to your studies.

In terms of “credit rating”, the student’s home university of course fixes equivalences in this respect; however ISEP Central recommends that the Summer program should rate approx 8 credits.


2. Guaranteeing  the “total ISEP student experience”

Accommodation is generally in a private study-bedroom in a hall of residence, or in 2 (individual)-bedroomed apartments with shared cooking and bathroom facilities.

Dedicated support services are available on the spot to all our incoming ISEP students, with specifically recruited English-speaking staff. This service complements the University’s general International Office, and is open 5 days a week right on the site where students follow their lessons.

As an “ISEP student’s experience” also includes a close integration with the local language and society, we top up the wide range of French expression courses with specific units on life in modern France (culture, economy, political system, etc). To complement the taught courses, a whole program of very reasonably priced cultural, leisure and sporting activities and excursions is offered in conjunction with our ISEFE institute (see tab “complementary activity and excursion programs”), as well as specific trips and receptions which are included in the price already paid to ISEP. (Recent offerings have included trips to the world famous mountain resort of Chamonix/Mont Blanc, a dinner-cruise on Lake Le Bourget – France’s biggest natural lake just 10 kilometers from Chambéry –, cycle touring and wine-tasting, boating and lakeside BBQing, music festival, Bastille Day firework display, visits to local museum, castle and media centers, mountain hikes, etc.)

Last, but certainly not least, we know the importance a student can attach to maximizing the advantages of the geographical location. The Université Savoie Mont Blanc students are particularly lucky here. Chambéry and Annecy (which hosts our other main campus) are gateway cities to the French Alps and home to France’s largest lakes. They are bordered on the north by Switzerland (Geneva) and on the east by Italy (Turin and Milan). Savoie is about 3 hours from Paris and the Mediterranean coast with excellent connections, and only 1 hour from Lyon or Geneva airports offering low-cost flights to over 40 European destinations (ideal for cheap weekend trips). The region is famous for its quality of life, magnificent natural surroundings, history and heritage, its water sports, and the grandeur of its nearby mountains in summer with world famous Alpine and cross-country skiing in winter. Chambéry was the capital of the former Duchy of Savoie, and like Annecy 50 kms away, it has preserved the charm of a mediaeval city together with the vibrancy of a modern go-ahead economy. Its vast zone of pedestrianized streets and squares in the historic heart of the city is alive with delightful pavement cafés and boutiques by day, and lively bars and restaurants by night.

To help you make the most of these opportunities, we have made special arrangements for your accommodation to be available till end July, ie, a good few days after the end of teaching and exams.

If we say it ourselves, the “total ISEP student experience” is just what you’ll find in the Université Savoie Mont Blanc’s summer program : a great way to discover France, make fast progress in speaking French, earn credits, and give a whole new dimension to the meaning of well merited holiday enjoyment.



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