The University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) is a 3-year program that is structured around university courses, professional placements and extensive periods in companies in order to offer a diploma adapted to the professions of today and tomorrow. It is a degree built with and for companies!


Discover the University Bachelor of Technology

Project, internships, work-study and jobs

You are a company and you have an internship offer, a work-study program, a job or a project to propose?

  • You can post internship or job offers on our Linkedin page or on Jobteaser.
  • Consult the internship brochure to get all the information about the internship periods for the students of the IUT of Annecy.

Recruiting a work-study student

The company recruits a young employee, who at the same time follows a academics in connection with his professional activity.

The work-study program includes two types of contracts:

The student has the status of an employee on a fixed-term contract (a permanent contract is possible) for the duration of his or her academics. The activity in the company represents between 50 and 75% of the total time of the academics, according to the specific rhythm of each company. The company is free to choose its recruitment from among the candidates pre-selected by the IUT and its partners.

Practical details: 

Depending on the course, a pre-selection of candidates may take place between February and July.

Classes generally begin between September and the end of October. Good to know: the recruitment of a work-study student can be carried out until the start of the school year, depending on the number of places available.


Recruiting a student on a work-study program has many advantages, such as

  • Train a future employee while benefiting from the general skills he/she acquires during his/her academics
  • Establish and develop a job profile according to the company's needs

In addition, financial benefits are offered to the employer who recruits a student in work-study. This year again, the company benefits from an extended state aid of 6000 euros until the end of December 2023.

Partner organizations: 

  • TETRAS, an association under the law of 1901, created by the Chambre Syndicale de la Métallurgie de Haute-Savoie, the AFPI Etudoc and the USMB
  • FORMASUP, the academics center for apprentices (apprenticeship contracts) of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region
  • DIFCAM, the academics center for commercial and financial professions in the Rhône-Alpes region
  • CCI academics the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Savoie
  • IUFP, University Institute of Professional academics Université Savoie Mont Blanc

Apprenticeship tax

 Turn this tax into resources for your company! Pay your tax to the IUT of Annecy, and invest in the future by investing in the academics of your future employees.

Each year, the apprenticeship tax finances the renewal and acquisition of equipment and materials that allow us to be at the cutting edge of technology and to offer high-performance training courses that are as close as possible to the reality of the market. Annecy University Institute of Technology is authorized to collect the "Balance" part of the apprenticeship tax.

Thanks to your support, the acquisition of the following equipment was possible:

  • A machine for ion chromatography
  • A water jet cutting machine tool
  • A Doppler radar
  • A laser filter
  • Computer and audiovisual equipment

How to do it?

From 2023 onwards, URSSAF will take over the collection of the balance of the apprenticeship tax through your DSN. The sums collected by the URSSAF will then be transferred to the Caisse des Dépôts. In a second phase, it will be up to you to allocate your funds to IUT Annecy and its courses via a new allocation platform, SOLTéa.

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Partnerships and collaborations

Almost 50 years of experience

The Annecy IUT was created almost 50 years ago to ensure a specific mission within the university world: the academics of technicians needed in our region. Considering the professional integration of more than 20,000 graduates and the positive appreciation of companies, there is no need to make a detailed assessment of their success. In addition to this macroscopic assessment, the IUT has played an undeniable role in the access of new populations to higher education, and in the local networking of the higher education system. Finally, more recently, the Annecy IUT has been a considerable force for proposal in the development of training in partnership with the other university components, but also with professional circles and socio-economic actors. The IUT has been able to evolve in order to remain in phase with the university and socio-economic environment of our region. With the implementation of the University Bachelor of Technology, the Annecy IUT represents an essential vector of professionalization within the region.Université Savoie Mont Blanc .

The Annecy IUT has forged many partnerships, which allow each year :

  • The recruitment of 1800 trainees
  • The realization by students of 700 consulting projects
  • The recruitment of 250 temporary teachers from the professional world, who provide 1/3 of the courses
  • The financing of heavy technical equipment (via the apprenticeship tax)
  • Recruitment of our graduates

All courses are developed in partnership with companies and professionals who actively participate in the development of programs, teaching and juries.

The success of the Annecy IUT is certainly linked to many factors, but the permanent interface between the IUT and companies is a major factor.

Support for businesses in the region regarding :

  • The reception of trainees
  • The collaboration with the research laboratories of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc,
  • The request to carry out study projects
  • Financial support from the apprenticeship tax
  • The integration of more than 120 professionals in the teaching provided to students

The IUT also relies on the Club des Entreprises de l'Université Savoie Mont BlancThe IUT also relies on the Club des Entreprises de l'IUT (Business Club of the University) to promote the link between the students of the IUT and the professional world.

Local authorities :

Our training partners :


The business club

A unique network to strengthen the synergy between companies and universities

One of the strengths of the Annecy IUT is that it can rely on the Club des Entreprises de l'Université Savoie Mont Blanc to promote the link between IUT students and the professional world. The Club des Entreprises is an independent association of general interest created in 1991.Université Savoie Mont Blanc The Club des Entreprises is a partner of the University, with which it is linked by an agreement for the benefit of the university's components.

The Club des Entreprises is a model of interface and partnership between companies and universities that is unique in France. Today, it has 100 members among the companies and representative organizations of the two Savoie regions, more than 1,500 partner companies alongside the students, and nearly 27,000 contacts in the companies.

Its vocation is to initiate and develop transversal links between higher education and companies (and more broadly the different professional worlds), through the personal involvement of executives and managers on the one hand, and teacher-researchers and students on the other. It is a real channel for students to learn about the business world and a way to effectively increase their potential for professional integration into the economic fabric. For companies, the Club is a way to stay close to the teaching world and to have access to effective resources to ensure their development and perpetuate their activity.

The mission of the Business Club

Carry out concrete actions to bring together students, teachers and companies, according to a three-pronged strategy:

  • Supporting academics through the personal involvement of business leaders in the professionalization of teaching: participation in the management and development boards, recruitment of professionals as lecturers or interventions as juries of professionals...
  • Promote professional integration by integrating future graduates into companies at a very early stage through internships, work-study programs, "thesis projects" or research and surveys... The Club advises and guides students in their approach to companies: drafting professional tools, methodology for effective application, personal development and "soft skills".
  • Networking between students, professors and professionals, through high-profile events such as the Employment & Company Week, the Internship' Festival, or the Job Dating for work-study programs... or professional meetings in smaller groups such as the HR Lunches, the Job Conferences or the Company Visits. IUT students also participate in a multitude of other events organized for them: Challenge de l'Idée, Management au Féminin, Les Entretiens du Club, Training Job Kfé...