Videos are an effective, dynamic and interactive way to learn more about LoRaWAN technology. There are many examples and demonstrations on each topic. The first videos are free without registration on the UDEMY e-Learning platform.

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It was a great and fruitful workshop, thank you for your priceless efforts.

Zeraï Ons
A very interesting and complete course on IoT with a very HIGH QUALITY contents and pedagogical presentation!!

I am very satisfied with this course which have clarify LoRa/ LoRaWAn basic concepts. Also, the deployment of the network and application server with the configuration examples.

Vikash Govind
Very interesting course about the LoRaWAN Technology. The videos are really good and the explanation are very clear.

Amazing and easy to follow.

Abdelrahman Arbi, Abdelrahman Arbi
Fantastic and very clear to understand. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge.

Gabriel Marques
This is pure gold! I’m amazed by the quality and comprehensiveness of this course!

Edilson Fernandes Pereira
Meets my needs perfectly, super clear explanation.

Philippe Merigoux
I recommend this course 100%. I`m pretty happy with this training.

Jose Mascia
Difficult to find this kind of material in any course or content on the internet. I like how the author authenticates the content without leaving out any relevant topic.

Roberto Villicaña
Great job

Mohamed Raouak
This course provides an end to end explanation of LoRa modulation, LoRaWAN, basics of HTTP, and basics of MQTT along with building an end to end system from end device to storage and visualization of data.

Clint A. Guillory
This is an amazing course that completely transformed my understanding of LoRaWAN and LoRa technology. This course is an excellent resource for anyone who is new to the subject matter, as it starts from scratch and guides you through every step necessary to build a comprehensive end-to-end LoRaWAN solution.

Munis Shawaf
There course content is detailly explained and there is also a swift response to questions ask.

Gabriel Tetteh
The explanations are clear. The course covers all the important steps that LoraWan and Lora include. It requires a moderate knowlegde of computer science in order to keep up with the course.

Alexandros Gardelis
Learn lots about lora and lorawan protocol, thanks for such a amazing course.

Vishal Diwakar
Thanks to Sylvain MONTAGNY and Antoine AUGAGNEUR for this amazing course.

Mahamadou Yeye Coulibaly