Four points bending bench

(réservé aux élèves de 4ème année Polytech Annecy-Chambéry)

Période, durée

mai-juillet 2021, 2 mois

Profil recherché

Élève-ingénieur en Mécanique Matériaux


3,90€/h (standard)


Annecy-le-vieux ; Maison de la mécatronique ; laboratoire Symme


It aims to develop an experimental device to characterize the behaviour of metallic materials in small deformations. This characterization is important because it allows a precise analysis of the elastic behavior of metals and its role in springback. The evaluation of this springback is a determining factor in the design of tooling.At the training level, the knowledge of the behavior of metallic materials is in the program of the ITII2’s sandwich engineering programs. This machine will also be used forpractical work to illustrate the concepts seen in class. It requires a versatile engineer comfortable in the field of materials but also in the field of instrumentation and programming (in python). At the mechanical level, knowledge in numerical simulation is desirable.



Equipe projet

Laurent Tabourot, enseignant-chercheur POLYTECH A-C / Symme

Pascale Balland, enseignant-chercheur IUT GMP / Symme

Ahmed Maati, enseignant-chercheur Univ Laghouat Algérie

Moustapha Issack Phd student

Hai Anh Phung Duc Phd student