Matching skills between companies and training courses

Period, duration

March-July 2024; between 3 and 5 months.

Profile required

all profiles (Bachelor's, BUT, Master's)


4.35€/h (standard)


Le Bourget-du-lac; Polytech building; Symme laboratory


The work falls within the context of Industry 5.0, i.e. human-centered, through several research projects relating to skills in companies and in training.
The trainee will develop methods for analyzing data stored in Json files, and participate in the development of software tools for creating skills maps (see figure below) in an ecosystem consisting of a SaaS-type platform (web portal).

MANASLU company credentials :

This work is carried out in the presence and in teams with other trainees, SYMME laboratory researchers, teachers and industrial partners.
A workstation (desk and computer equipment) is provided in an open-space area.

Potential assignments to choose from :
  • extension adaptation for Web scraping ;
  • data analysis with Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules and AI techniques to automate certain transformations of traces into skills;
  • design sober, accessible and ergonomic Web interfaces using UX Design techniques.
Expected qualities :
  • curiosity to exploit all possible solutions, choose the right technology and understand how scientific research works.
  • open-mindedness and flexibility to consider alternative proposals from project collaborators.
  • perseverance and autonomy to appropriate new solutions and unblock potential problems.
  • rigor in documenting production so that it can evolve, be shared and passed on within the team.
  • responsibility from the point of view of labor commitments and the ecological values associated with digital, as well as the ethical and human values to be respected (RGPD).
  • academics Web-oriented computing (front-end, back-end or fullstack) and/or mathematics



Project team

Christophe Courtin, teacher-researcher IUT C / SYMME
Amina Khalifa, PhD student SYMME
Yann Meyer, teacher-researcher POLYTECH / SYMME