CoCo-LNO: LiNbO3-based core-shell nanostructures

Related theme

Synthesis of functional materials and nanomaterials

Sponsor - coordinator

Yannick Mugnier, teacher-researcher, SYMME


January 2023
December 2023


AAP interne USMB


The academics of core-shell structures based on LiNbO3 alone is envisaged by simply mixing nanocrystals of different sizes, i.e. 20 nm particles doped with Yb3+, for example, with larger cores doped with Er3+ (30-40 nm). The synthesis of these nanocrystals has been mastered to date, but aging at high temperature in a mixture maintained under magnetic agitation (instrumented autoclave) has never been studied. Non-linear optical properties and up-conversion will then be greatly enhanced and quantified.


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SYMME Laboratory

Yannick Mugnier, teacher-researcher, scientific manager

Sandrine Beauquis, teacher-researcher

Ronan Le-Dantec, teacher-researcher

Jean-Christophe Marty, Design Engineer

Tianhao Guo, trainee