Evening classes

The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) evening classes program is aimed at anyone wishing to learn French in addition to their main job.
These courses are offered on theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc campuses (Jacob-Bellecombette and Annecy).
These courses aim to help participants progress in the 4 skills of the French language: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression and written expression. All these skills are worked on in a uniform manner to ensure consistent growth in the language. For intermediate to advanced levels, this course prepares students for French university studies by combining language practice and progressive immersion in a variety of disciplines.

Evening classes run for 3 hours a week throughout the semester, one evening a week from 4.45pm to 8pm (day depending on level, confirmed at the beginning of the semester).
People from outside the university are mixed in class with foreign students and staff.

The International Relations Department offers evening courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) to incoming exchange students. They are free of charge for incoming exchange and doctoral students only.

What can I expect? What will I learn?
In this course, you'll study 45 hours of French language instruction,part of the level you'll be placed in.
In this time, you can neither reach nor validate a level of French (as it takes an average of 200 hours of French immersion study to complete a full level!). However, you will learn elements of all the language skills corresponding to your level! One thing's for sure: it's a great way to make progress in the language, and you'll leave with a lot of extra baggage! And who knows, you'll want to add a monthly course, or a summer course... You're always welcome to extend or sign up for several sessions, as many do 🙂

The teacher will give you the detailed course program at the first class.

If validated, this course earns 4 ECTS credits.

We offer 2 sessions per year:
- 1st semester: September to December
- 2nd semester: January to April

The courses are organized as follows (by semester):

  • 45 hours of French language classes, i.e. 3 hours per week for 13 weeks
    i.e.: 39 hours of face-to-face classes with a teacher specialized in French as a Foreign Language + 6 hours of additional classes, as specified at the beginning of the semester (e.g. a project proposed online, an extra session on a face-to-face day - in this case, the date announced at the beginning of the semester, online support, etc.).
  • Classes take place 1 evening a week, from 4.45pm to 8pm : the day is specified at the beginning of the session , depending on the campus and the learner's level (classes from Monday to Thursday).


Once you have completed the registration form, to finalize your registration you must send :

    • confirmation of payment of 450 euros per session (225€ for refugees and asylum seekers and foreign USMB students*)
      FREE for: ERASMUS exchange students, foreign staff and USMB doctoral students. For the latter, please register via your USMB email address so that we can check your eligibility.
    • if you are a refugee or asylum seeker, valid proof of refugee status
    • a high school diploma (baccalaureate type) is recommended (academics not suitable for people who need literacy courses beforehand)
    • NB: personal liability insurance is compulsory; the university declines all responsibility.


Terms and conditions on this page

  • 1st semester: September 11 to December 15, 2023
    > 13 weeks (45h of classes: 39h face-to-face + 6h complementary)
    NB: vacations: 1 week: from October 30 to November 3 (no classes)


  • 2nd semester: January 15 to April 19, 2024
    > 13 weeks (45h of classes: 39h face-to-face + 6h complementary)
    NB: vacations: 1 week: February 19 to 24 (no classes)


  • Price: €450 per semester/ €900 for a year (2 semesters)


  • This fee includes :
    - 45h of classes per semester (39h face-to-face + 6h additional classes as specified at the beginning of the semester)
    - Access to cultural and sports activities organized by the USMB for its international students;
    - Access to university services such as the library, university restaurants, preventive medicine, etc.
    - Possibility of obtaining a student card**.


  • This rate does not include :
    - For those wishing to obtain a student card/status**: Contribution Vie Étudiante (€100/year)
    - Personal liability insurance mandatory the university declines all responsibility**to obtain a student card, you must provide :

    •  a copy of your ID or passport
    • a copy of your most recent diploma translated into French, required if the language is other than English or a Latin language(baccalauréat minimum = high school diploma or equivalent qualification required, or university degree)
    • birth certificate (non-EU nationals only)
    • a passport photo
Refugees and asylum seekers can benefit from a 50% discount on courses, on presentation of valid proof.

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