Christophe ROCHE

Professeur des universités


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Téléphone : +33 (0) 479 758 779 – télécopie : +33 (0) 479 758 888

Bureau : Bâtiment Mont-Blanc – Campus Scientifique du Bourget du Lac – Bureau 118

Adresse : Equipe Condillac – LISTIC – Campus Scientifique – 73 376 Le Bourget du Lac cedex – France


  • Full Professor at the University Savoie Mont-Blanc (France)
  • Head of the Condillac Research Group in « Terminology & Ontology » – LISTIC Lab.
  • Associate Researcher at the University NOVA of Lisbon (Portugal) – CLUNL Linguistic Research Center
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence (INPG Grenoble – 1984)
  • Domains of interest: Terminology, Ontology, Ontoterminology, Linguistics, Knowledge Representation
  • Chairman of the TOTh Conference
  • Chairman of the AFNOR Commission on Terminology (X03A)
  • Project Leader of the ISO Standards on Terminology (ISO 1087-1 & ISO 704)

Terminology Coordination Unit: Interview with Christophe Roche


My main domains of interest are about Terminology as a scientific discipline, Ontology coming from Knowledge Engineering taking into account philosophical and logical principles, and about combining both into a new paradigm of Ontoterminology (a terminology whose conceptual system is a formal ontology).

Ontoterminology relies on a new Concept Theory of Terminology (C.T.T.) relying on consistent epistemological and logical principles.

Ontoterminology is involved into several projects and applications, either research or industrial: e.g. multilingual ontology-oriented terminology, multilingual semantic search engine, content management system, ontology-oriented thesaurus.

The « Naming the Things » project aims to gather people coming from different disciplines interested in applying terminology and ontology to their domains, e.g. Digital Humanities.


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Selected articles:

Terminologie et ontologie
C.Roche. Revue Langages, 39e année, n°157, 2005, pp. 48-62

Le terme et le concept : fondements d’une ontoterminologie
C.Roche. TOTh 2007, Terminologie & Ontologie : Théories et applications, Annecy (France), 1er juin 2007, pp. 1-22

Ontoterminology: How to unify terminology and ontology into a single paradigm
C.Roche. LREC 2012, Eighth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, 
Istanbul (Turkey), 21-27 May 2012, pp. 2626-2630

Saying is not modelling
C.Roche. NLPCS 2007, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science, Funchal (Portugal), 12-13 June 2007, pp. 47-56

Should Terminology Principles be re-examined?
C.Roche. TKE 2012, 10th Terminology and Knowledge Engineering Conference , Madrid (Spain), 19-22 June 2012, pp.17-32

Représentations formelles en terminologie
C.Roche. Verbal and Nonverbal Representation in Terminology, TOTh Workshop 2013, Copenhagen, 8 November 2013, pp. 23-35

Ontological definition – abstract
C.Roche. Handbook of Terminology, Volume 1, John Benjamins Publishing, 2015, pp.128-152

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■ Professor at the University Savoie Mont Blanc (France)
■ Lecturer at the University NOVA of Lisbon (Portugal)

Courses at the L3, M1, M2 and PhD levels in:

  • Logic
  • Theory of language
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Semantic Web
  • Terminology
  • Ontology


TOTh: Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications

The TOTh community was created ten years ago and, ever since, has drawn together researchers, teachers, trainers, practitioners, users and industrialists whose interests concern terminology and, in a more general way, the links between language and knowledge in the context of our discipline.

TOTh is open to all streams of thought, and sets out to provide a forum of exchange and sharing where problems are presented along with solutions and feedback from experience, on both the theoretic and the applied planes, as well as new tendencies and perspectives in the disciplines associated with terminology (translation, lexicography, knowledge engineering, the information sciences …).

The TOTh international community comprises more than 20 different nationalities and the most prominent personalities in the domain. The official languages are French and English. The annual events that TOTh organises include a conference, a training session, and a Workshop.

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