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Group :   Images and Remote Sensing 

Subject : Ice Aprons and Hanging Glaciers: Distributions, relations and dynamics
of the oldest ice in the Mont Blanc massif

Summary: Although numerous in the Alpine ranges, hanging glaciers and ice-snow aprons present on the high mountain permafrost-affected rock faces are very poorly known glacial systems. This is because of their relatively small size, associated with a complex geographical distribution in areas where their access is challenging. They are nevertheless significant elements of high mountain landscapes, a glacial heritage due to the old age of the ice they contain, an essential condition for mountaineering, and a potential source of danger for mountaineers and infrastructure through avalanches triggered by the collapse of seracs or even their fronts. Through a multidisciplinary approach (geographic, geophysical, geo-historical, and remote sensing), my doctoral work aims to understand the origin, distribution, and dynamics of these particular glacier systems in the context of global warming. Using the knowledge and field experience of high mountain environments, combined with advanced remote sensing and image analysis techniques, the doctoral work aims to provide a detailed characterization and understanding of rockwall glacial systems, allowing mountain practitioners and managers to address important questions on the susceptibility and vulnerability of these glacial systems in the future. 

Keywords : Hanging glaciers, Ice aprons, remote sensing, GIS

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Supervisor : Ludovic Ravanel

Co-supervisor : Emmanuel Trouve

Beginning of the thesis : November 2019

Doctoral school:  SISEO  « Sciences and Engineering of Systems, Environment and Organizations »