First Fuzzy Workshop of Czechia and Slovakia
Frantisek Capkovic Using fuzzy logic for knowledge representation at control synthesis*
Martin Holena Fuzzy hypotheses testing and GUHA implicational quantifiers
Erich Peter Klement, Radko Mesiar and Mirko Navara Extensions of Boolean functions to T-tribes of fuzzy sets
Milan Mares Processing of Sources of Fuzzy Quantities
Andra Markova Addition of L-R Fuzzy Numbers
Miroslav Pokorny Fuzzy Non-Linear Regression Analysis and Its Applications
Renata Smolikova Some properties of fuzzy automata
Karel Zimmermann Max-separable Functions and Fuzzy Sets
Chen Tuyun Lower cut set, decompositin theorem and representation theorem
Liu Xuecheng and Meng Linyan Inverse problem of determining the fuzzy set operations based on the theory of falling shadows
J. Varga and L.T. Koczy Explicit formulae of two input fuzzy control
Wang Aimin and Liu Zengliang A study on theory of fuzzy system game
Guoqing Chen Introducing Fuzzy Decision Tables (FDTs) for Decision Knowledge Representation and Fuzzy Decision Making
Wang Aimin and Cui Hongbin Study on fuzzy harmonious decision and design of intellectualized computer aided supporting system
Bao-yu Zhu The method of fuzzy multifactorial evaluation of lung function
Shao Rulin The Study of Fuzzy Evaluation Method About soft Targets of the Physical Constitution of the Students
S. K. Bhakat and P. Das A note on fuzzy Archimedean ordering
Zheng Chongguang The Countable Additivity of Set-ValuedIntegrals and F-Valued Integrals
Shi Chuan Fixed point theorem for fuzzy mappings in H-space