Modèle décidable de la Méréologie



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General Information

Mereology_on_DST_structurev1.v is a Coq library created by R. Dapoigny and P. Barlatier whose main objective is to provide a consistent structure of Mereology. For that purpose, the developed structure relies on the Distributive Set Theory (DST) expressed in Dependent Type Theory and based on characteristic functions to construct appropriate sets. Using Clay’s single axiom for partial order, we prove  that this axiom is equivalent to the single axiom of mereology and then that the latter has a boolean model without zero. We have extended the structure based on definitions in order to get rid of axioms and to allow for incremental modelling of applications. Furthermore, the base theory has also been proved in Isabelle/HOL for full automation.


  • Coq (> v8.9)