25 juin 2018 : séminaire de Flora Weissgerber, 13h30 en B120

Publié le mar 12 Juin 2018

Flora Weissgerber fait ses recherches à l’école des Geosciences à l’université d’Edinburgh

Title: Estimation of elevations and elevation changes of buildings and ice-sheet using radar interferometry.

Abstract: Radar interferometry is a powerful tool to monitor elevations and elevation changes thanks to its all-weather capability. It can be used to monitor various targets at different scale such as buildings or ice-sheet. Nevertheless, the accuracy of the monitored elevations and elevation changes depends heavily on the speckle covariance matrices estimation, from which these parameters are extracted. In my work, I focused firstly on how the resolution of the images impact the estimation of the covariance matrices and how the covariance information can be transferred from one resolution to the other. Secondly, I focused on finding criteria to estimate the quality of the estimation of the interferometric phase that is used to perform the height measurement. In this talk, I will present how radar interferometry can be used to measure elevation and elevation change, the particularity of urban-area-SAR images and of radar signal acquired over ice and snow, and how it impacts de covariance matrix estimation.