Séminaire UNITA 3 mars 2021

Publié le jeu 25 Fév 2021
Title: Data replication in large-scale distributed systems
Summary: Data replication is a key mechanism for building a reliable and efficient data management system. Indeed, by keeping several replicas for each piece of data, it is possible to improve data durability and/or access performance. However, having multiple copies of a single piece of data may induce consistency issues when the data is updated. In this presentation, an overview of the main problems that need to be tackled while designing a distributed storage system is presented. Several contributions in the area of fault tolérance (data durability/availability) and performance (data placement) are also introduced. Finally, the talk focused on the current research topic : data placement in data management systems offering multiple data-consistency levels.
Topic/Keywords: Storage, Distributed Systems
La visio: (11H00)
Animateur : Sébastien MONNET