Physics Department

The physics department offers courses at Bachelor's level.

It is supported by three internationally renowned laboratories:

  • Annecy Laboratory of Particle Physics (LAPP)
  • Annecy Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (LAPTh)
  • Institute of Microelectronics, Electromagnetism and Photonics - Microwave and Characterization Laboratory (IMEP-LAHC )


Physics courses


Licenses for Physics and Chemistry and Physics take place over three years.
They offer a general scientific education (mathematics, physics and chemistry) as well as complementary courses designed to help students enter the workforce or enhance their general knowledge.

The academics specializes from the first to the third year:

  • The first year (L1) is shared with students of mathematics, physics and chemistry (MPC portal).
  • In the second year (L2), academics specializes in three tracks: Physics, Physics-Chemistry, Chemistry.
  • In the third year (L3), specialization becomes more pronounced in physics (for the "physics (for the "Chemistry" pathway), or remains bi-disciplinary (for the "Chemistry" pathway), or remains bi-disciplinary (for the "Chemistry" pathway). physics and chemistry ")..

Professional degrees in physics and chemistry are available from the second year (L2), as are engineering schools.


Following the Bachelor's degree, students have the option of continuing their studies:




<strong>LAPP </strong>Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique des Particules
Presentation (French version) / Presentation (English version) / website

<strong>LAPTh </strong>Laboratoire d’Annecy de Physique Théorique
Presentation (French version) / Presentation (English version) / website