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Chemistry courses at the UFR SceM

The Chemistry Department atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc offers several courses from BAC +3 to BAC +8

<strong>Afin d’améliorer la professionnalisation des étudiants, toutes les filières de chimie sont proposées en alternance.</strong>

Interested in pursuing a PhD after your Master's degree? Contact the teacher-researchers from the EDYTEM laboratory to discuss the possibilities of theses.


The chemical industry

Company and work experience in chemistry

<strong>Des liens forts avec le monde économique, les entreprises et la recherche</strong>

  • The academics website relies on a strong participation of representatives of the relevant economic sectors.

The actors of the industrial world illustrate through concrete applications the theoretical approaches given in courses by the teacher-researchers specialists in the field (sustainable development, industrial ecology, depollution, environmental management, green chemistry, environmentally friendly synthesis processes).

Students benefit from a specific academics in the knowledge of companies and administrations, professional integration or project management. They are also made aware of regulatory and technological monitoring in order to organise strategies that will enable them to anticipate industrial developments and facilitate innovation.

  • Possibility of following the Master's programme under a professional training contract:

Université Savoie Mont BlancThe professionalization contract for the Master's in Chemistry is a 12 or 24 month fixed-term contract (including the M1) concluded with a young person/adult for one or two years at academics , within the UFR SceM. As such, the student has the status of an employee in your company, while training and preparing for a recognised diploma (state diploma).

<strong>M1 : Rythme de 15J en entreprise / 15J en formation, de septembre à fin mars, puis 6 mois à temps-plein en entreprise</strong>

<strong>M2 : Rythme de 15J en entreprise / 15J en formation, de septembre à mi-février, puis 6 mois à temps-plein en entreprise</strong>

Companies and partners