Department of Geography and Planning

Le département Géographie & aménagement propose des formations de la licence au doctorat pour s’insérer dans le monde professionnel. C’est une discipline donnant accès aux métiers de la recherche et de l’aménagement, ainsi qu’aux concours d’enseignement. Au sein de l’UFR Sciences et Montagnes (SceM), le département Géographie & aménagement a une orientation ciblée sur<strong> les milieux et les territoires montagnards</strong>. Il est adossé au Mountain Environments, Dynamics and Territories Laboratory research (EDYTEM).

<strong>C’est l’organisation de l’espace et des territoires</strong>

  • Understand the spatial organisation of nearby and more distant societies


<strong>Quelles Géographies ?</strong>

  • Human geography studies populations in all their dimensions (rural, urban, cultural, social, quantitative, risks...)
  • Physical geography studies the components of the natural environment (geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, biogeography...)
  • Regional geography analyses portions of the earth's space of varying size (city, 'country', administrative region, state, group of states, continent, etc.)


<strong>Quel est l’intérêt de la Géographie ?</strong>

  • A discipline in strong interaction with others (geology, history, sociology, economics, biology, psychology, archaeology...)
  • A discipline with many practical applications in everyday life

The department's training courses

The Geography and Planning portal

  • Spécialisation dans les milieux et territoires de montagne – en particulier à partir de la 3<sup>ème</sup> année de licence puis en Master Géographies et Montagne
  • Concrete training courses supported by numerous field trips (days, courses, study tours)
  • Close relations with the professional world:
    • Interventions de professionnels dans les enseignements dès la 3<sup>ème</sup> année de licence et en master
    • Internships, tutored projects... with public / private partners
  • A privileged setting:
    • Small staff
    • Regular supervision and monitoring
    • Campus between lake and mountain
  • Strong synergy with research laboratories (EDYTEM and Research unitspartners)
  • Events for students: Geo'rizon© study days, Professional meetings of the Geographers of Savoie, GeoSavoieSphere

Teaching professions

    • School teacher (CRPE exam)
    • Teacher in secondary school (CAPES, Agrégation)

<strong>Métiers de la Recherche</strong>

    • Higher education teacher-researcher (PhD)
    • Head of researchCNRS / University / INRAE
    • Engineer of researchCNRS / University

<strong>Métiers de l’Aménagement</strong>

    • Professions in the field of planning and the environment : Development officer, Service manager, Technician, Design engineer, Project manager, Urban planner, etc.
    • Sectors of activity :
      • Private organisations: Urban planning and consultancy firms, Design offices, Commercial companies (Tourism...), Tourist resorts...
      • Local authorities: Town halls, Departments, Regions, Parks and Nature Reserves, etc.
      • Public institutions: Equipment, ONF, Chambers of Agriculture, Water Agency, etc.

<strong>Exemples de métiers / postes occupés par d’anciens étudiants</strong>


<strong>Contacts :</strong>

<strong>L’équipe pédagogique et administrative du Département Géographie et Aménagement</strong>

Secretariat of Geography : 04 79 75 87 37 -

Mountain Department Secretariat: 04 79 75 87 08 -

Discover Geography at the UFR SceM

Association of Savoy Geographers

L’Association of Savoy Geographers (AGS) is a student association located on the Bourget-du-lac campus.

Class of 2018-2019

I have been studying Geography at the USMB since my first year without any specific professional project. For my Master's degree, I was therefore looking for a professional academicsthat would allow me to clarify my project. The M2 GAM was a decisive year for my orientation and allowed me to access the profession I am practising today in a field I am passionate about, hiking. I particularly appreciated the large proportion of speakers from the professional world in the first semester's teaching, as well as the work on a planning workshop with two other students. These experiences were rich on a professional level, they allowed me to project myself into the diversity of mountain development professions, and to put myself in the shoes of a future professional by responding to concrete needs in the framework of the development workshop in particular. In the second semester, the 6-month internship I did at the Sainte-Baume Regional Nature Park on the creation of long-distance hiking itineraries allowed me to discover the hiking environment and to subsequently take up the position of hiking and interpretation officer at the Aubrac Regional Nature Park. Today I am working for the Savoie Departmental Council, still on the theme of hiking, and I owe a lot to my academicsand I use the tools and knowledge I acquired during this year every day.


Promotion 2019-2020

The Master GEOSPHERES offers a wide range of courses to choose from, which take place over a full week in the partner educational institutions. It is an ideal format to complete one's studies while maturing and nurturing a professional project or researchindependently. For example, I chose courses that provided me with knowledge and tools related to the environment and agriculture. The weeks of classes that bring together the whole class allow the dissertation of research to be structured and consolidated, with the support of the teaching staff and the other students. The second semester is devoted to writing the dissertation and/or a professional internship. This Master's programme allows a great deal of freedom, which requires a minimum of a defined project to make the most of this year. The plurality of student profiles, the support of the teaching staff and the convivial moments shared during field weeks or in other cities are remarkable assets of this Master's programme, encouraging mutual support, discussion and curiosity for subjects that are still unknown.

<em>Le Monde – 02/09/2022 – Tiphaine Thuillier</em> – In Savoie, when students imagine the mountains of tomorrow

<em>France Info – 19/02/2022 – Boris Hallier</em> – These ski resorts call on Savoyard students to think about the future of the mountains

Our training videos

The events

Geo'rizon, the study days of the Department of Geography

Géo'rizon is a tool for disseminating and broadening geographical culture among different audiences. The aim is to observe how geographers understand a research, whether it be on a particular terrain (such as Latin America) or on a geographical object (the street, the island...). These sessions take place in the city centre, in the Amphithéâtre Decottignies (Rue Marcoz) of the Presidency of the University
Savoie Mont Blanc, and are open to the general public.


  • A cultural and scientific opening to various fields of geography for students
  • An exceptional event for students, with non-standard teachers
  • An event that brings together all the years and, like the field trips, unites the students
  • A way to pace the year and keep students motivated
  • The development of links between teachers in Chambéry and in other universities
  • The possibility of media coverage of the event, with the support of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc
  • A showcase of the Department's geography and activity to the general public


Next edition

30th edition: Oasis

December 15, 2022

La journée sera dédiée aux oasis. Pour la première fois dans le cadre de <em>Géo’rizon</em>, une exposition, <em>Résonances Oasiennes</em>, – conçue par David Goeury et d’autres collègues – sera présente dans le hall de la Présidence et visible toute la journée.

The complete program


Previous editions (reviews)

Professional meetings of the Geographers of Savoy

Bi-annual event in the spring of the academic year

These meetings aim at informing, in a very concrete way, our current and future students, about the paths, the opportunities, the doubts, the successes that the different speakers, former students in geography, have encountered. It takes place in the form of small stands and informal meetings. The Maison de l'Etudiant, with its guidance counselor and the person in charge of professional integration, is present.


  • to bring together former and current Geography students
  • to allow students to discuss with their predecessors their integration into working life
  • to present to high school students (as an extension of the information and guidance work carried out during the year for them) potentially interested in geography the actual opportunities it offers
  • to give concrete expression to the opportunities on offer and to show that it is possible to succeed with a geography degree
  • go against the grain of the prevailing discourse

Next edition

10th professional meeting of the geographers of Savoie

March 9, 2023 13:00 - March 9, 2023 18:00 - Pôle Montagne - Campus Savoie Technolac

More than 70 planning professionals will be present atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc to present their jobs and careers to bachelor and master students. The event is free and open to all upon registration.

Program and detailed list of the speakers


Registration is required with Lionel Laslaz, in charge of the professional meetings of the geographers of Savoie: / 04 79 75 86 87

<em>Manifestation proposée par le département Géographie et Aménagement de l’UFR Sciences et Montagne avec la participation de l’association étudiante des géographes de Savoie (AGS)</em>

Previous editions

Download the details of the speakers:

Edition 2021
2019 Edition
Edition 2017

Video presentation of the Geography and Planning degree