Department of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities STAPS

Studying STAPS at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc

In the unique setting of Savoie, come and discover our many courses related to the sciences and technologies of physical activities and sports (STAPS). At the end of their course, students can envisage a career in different sectors depending on the academics followed: teaching, ergonomics of sports equipment, sports training, adapted physical activity or the marketing and management sectors.

The STAPS department atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc offers different courses to meet the needs and desires of each student.

Courses in the STAPS department

  • The STAPS licenceThis program is particularly well suited to high school students who meet the requirements. The priority sector is composed of the departments of Haute-Savoie and Savoie, as well as the administrative cantons of Pontcharra, Pont de Beauvoisin, Belley and Nantua. In addition to the sports practices classically taught in STAPS, the STAPS department of the USMB proposes practices in accordance with local specificities such as rowing, sailing or skiing, for example.
  • Licence STAPS : Health Access Option (H.A.). The L.AS option is available within the UFR SceM and in particular in the STAPS Licence. This option allows access to: 1/ the second year of health studies (subject to classification), or to the second year of the STAPS license (subject to successful completion of L1). This option includes courses specific to the health field (biochemistry, cell biology, etc.) which are added to the usual STAPS curriculum. This allows the acquisition of the knowledge necessary for both STAPS and health studies.
  • A Diploma of University Studies in Science and Technology (DEUST) in Animation and Management of Physical, Sporting and Cultural Activities (AGAPSC), course in Outdoor Activities: this two-year professional academics diploma allows students to work in the management of outdoor sports structures and in the supervision of physical activities (except for specific environments). This diploma also allows students to continue their studies in a professional license for the management and development of sports and leisure services, in the field of mountain sports activities.
  • A University Diploma focused on the career management for high-level sportsmen and women in two years. This academics is targeted on skills that enable an understanding of the factors of sports performance, the challenges of sport, mastering communication tools, etc. This diploma allows a bridge with the 2nd year STAPS licence.
  • The master Teaching, Education and Training Professions academics (MEEF), Physical Education and Sports for the Second Level, is designed to prepare students for the job of teaching physical education and sports in junior high or high school.
  • The master Engineering and Ergonomics of Physical Activities (EIPA) is to train students in the evaluation and improvement of human motor skills in order to design, develop, organize, monitor the implementation and test equipment, materials or environments in the world of sport, recreation, work and health

Applications for entry into L1 or DEUST 1 are made via Parcoursup. Applications from L2 to M2 are made via the platform eCandidat USMB.


High-level sportsmen and women (SHN)

You can find out the conditions of attribution of the status as well as the arrangements foreseen for the SHN on the main and complementary lists from this link.

Vocational integration

At the end of their course, students can envisage a career in different sectors: teaching, sports equipment ergonomics, sports training, the disability sector or the marketing and management sectors, depending on the academics .


For all information concerning these post-bac courses, you can contact the STAPS department:

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Heads of the different sectors

<strong>DEUST AGAPSC APN</strong> – 1ère et 2ème année : Frédéric Morand – Frederic.morand(a) / Hippolyte Brunier - Hippolyte.brunier(a)

<strong>Licence : </strong>Sandrine Jamain-Samson – Sandrine.Jamain-Samson(a)

<strong>Licence Pro ASM</strong> – Fabienne Gillonnier – Fabienne.Gillonnier(a)


<strong>Sportifs de Haut Niveau (SHN)</strong> – Anne Roussel – anne.roussel(a) / Yannick Duby - Yannick.Duby(a)