EUR Thesis

List of theses common to the research poles of the Solar Academy Research Center

3 scientific themes:

  • Solar resources for multi-scale energy needs (in built environment)
  • Solar resource digitalization for a better reliability
  •  Dissemination of solar energy use

Summary of the theses on

  • Fahra Cynthia 2020-2023 Study of maturation and degradation mechanisms in carbon-based perovskite solar cells, L. Perrin/E. Planès/L. Flandin, UNIQUE Project
  • Mirella Al Katrib 2018-2021, Perovskite solar cells made entirely by electrodeposition, E. Planès/L. Perrin, MESR grant
  • Thibault Lemercier, 2017-2020 Development of transparent electrodes for the elaboration of semi-transparent perovskite solar cells: single junction and tandem applications, L.Flandin/L. Perrin/ E. Planès/S. Berson (CEA) CSMB/CEA grant
  • Marwenn Abdelli 2017-2020 Nano-architected ZnO/polymer type hybrid photovoltaic cells: elaboration, characterization and recycling, L. Flandin/A. Nourdine CEMAM grant
  • Manon Spalla 2016-2019 Optimization of the lifetime of perovskite photovoltaic cells. Etude des Matériaux, Architectures et Procédés d'encapsulation, L.Flandin/L. Perrin/ E. Planès/S. Berson (CEA)/M. Matheron (CEA) Grant CSMB/CEA
  • Sacha Juillard 2015-2018 Interface optimization of encapsulated organic PV systems, L.Flandin/L. Perrin/ E. Planès/S. Berson (CEA)/M. Matheron (CEA) CSMB/CEA grant
  • El Moussawi Zeinab 2015-2018 Carbon nanotube-based nano-architected composite materials for photovoltaic application, L. Flandin/A. Nourdine MESR grant in collaboration with Lebanon