Governing bodies

Organisation of the EUR consortium

The EUR is led by a Director which is appointed by the Steering Committee, he/she is assisted by a Deputy Director in charge of International and Partnership relations.

They are assisted by:

  • 3 leaders of the scientific themes in charge of the organization of research activities following the scientific objectives set for each scientific theme;
  • 3 coordinators of the main 3 teaching tracks: 2 for the master curricula and one for doctoral curriculum.
    Together with the international manager this group constitutes the Management Team.


Management Team

The Management Team is responsible for the overall management of SOLAR and its activities. It meets twice a month.


The Management Team is in charge of:

  • The implementation of SOLAR strategy and its operational management;
  • The follow-up of SOLAR and the organization of its evaluation (indicator monitoring, impact of research and academic activities…);
  • Reporting and evaluations for the various governance and funding bodies.



Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the governing board of SOLAR. Chaired by the director of SOLAR, it comprises the Management Team, directors of SOLAR research laboratories, a representative of CEA, 3 elected master’s and PhD candidates and 3 representatives of Partners (USMB Foundation, Ambassador’s network).

  • The Steering Committee is convened three times a year and is responsible for:
  • The specification of obligations of each partner in SOLAR (cf. consortium agreement);
  • SOLAR overall strategy: academic and pedagogical strategy, attractiveness and international policy, partnerships…; SOLAR financial supervision (including allocation of financial resources) and overall organization.

It works in liaison with the academic committee and the international advisory board in order to incorporate their recommendations into SOLAR overall strategy.


Academic Committee

The Academic Committee is composed of the management team, the master’s programs coordinators, directors of doctoral schools, the directors (or representative) of partner laboratories involved in EUR activities and 3 elected students. It meets once every two months.
It reports to the Steering Committee and is responsible for:

  • Implementing academic programs including the challenged-based approaches and all SOLAR measures meant to boost innovation projects from students and the academic community;
  •  Coordinating research activities;
  • Organizing and monitoring the selection process of student, and the SOLAR grant policy;
  • Reviewing SOLAR on its academic programs;
  • Managing the development of the international and industrial partnerships.


International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board, composed of 10 representatives (academic members and socio-economic representatives, of which 50% are international) is a consultative body providing strategic advice to SOLAR Steering Committee: strategic and international positioning, needs for adapting the content of SOLAR curricula, partnerships… It meets on a yearly basis and produces an annual report to the Steering Committee.