Seminar 10th January at 13h15 – Dr. Jean Chéry

11 janvier 2023 13:15 - 11 janvier 2023 14:45

Beyond fossils fuels : Ecosystem of an energy revolution

Room : Polytech, B2 – C105

Speaker :  Dr. Jean Chéry, CNRS researcher, Géosciences Montpellier, France


Ecology is on the agenda of all political parties. How to change the world so that the climate does not change anymore, that is the question. The bridesmaids Science and Innovation, twirling around the Society, want to regulate the climate, bury the CO2, make clean cars, prepare an escape to Mars. But it doesn’t work, because Society has lost her mind: intellectuals don’t know anything about technology, scientists are too specialized to understand the world they contribute to create. And finally, politics is no more than the wrapping paper of the global market.


Forgetting the packaging, I deal here with the essential: how to get rid of coal, oil, gas, nuclear, the pillars of two centuries of industrial revolution? Virtuous energy solutions will not come out of large scientific meetings or TV programs: capitalism has covered them with an invisibility cloak. At the crossroads of science, philosophy and DIY, I will present here a frugal use of solar energy and the way to articulate its implementation with our priority social needs.

Photo credit – NASA


Keywords: solar energy, thermodynamics, dwellings, frugality, DIY