Tuesday Seminar – 29 November 13h15 – Renewables in Colombia, policies and business models for an energy transition

30 novembre 2022 13:15 - 30 novembre 2022 14:45

Renewables in Colombia, policies and business models for an energy transition


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Speakers: Manuel López is Electrical Engineer and Master in Economics & Simón Pérez Mathematical Engineer and Master in Applied Economics, and Master in Energy Systems and Data Analytics.


Manuel López is Regulatory Affairs Leader for New Business & Simón Pérez is Innovation Leader at CELSIA, the energy company that generates, transmits and sells efficient energy from renewable sources (water, sun and wind), with thermal backup in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras.



Colombia has a clean electricity generation system, with 80% of its energy produced by hydroelectric plants. For that reason, the introduction of solar and wind energy with a low market price set by hydroelectricity is a challenge for policy and market regulation. Innovation in new business models has been key.



However, while electricity production is clean, total energy consumption (primary sources) is not as clean as the electricity, since transportation and industry are based on fossil fuels.

In 2014, a tax incentive policy was introduced that accelerated the small and large-scale solar generation projects, and market regulation was developed that motivated new business models.


During their talk, the both experts will tell how have been the policies for the development of non-conventional renewable generation in Colombia and the business models that are being developed in generation and self-generation, as well as the future they see in the production of green hydrogen and its end uses in Colombia.


Keywords: Self-generation, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Policies, Energy Transition.