Master 2 Energy and Solar Buildings (ESB)

Energy efficiency and buildings solar energy integration

The master opens for the 2021 academic year only in the second year.

The Master’s students:

  • will gain specialized skills in Energy and enough additional skills in other domains to meet the requirements of a multidisciplinary building and solar energy projects;
  • will become familiar with the requirements of a research or professional activities.


  • Train scientists capable of solving complex problems relating to the management, design and optimization of multiple-input technological systems.
  • Develop the expertise and skills needed to carry out research into energy management, environmental protection, the use of innovative materials and the production of innovative structures as part of a global policy of sustainable development.
  • To acquire scientific and techno-economic knowledge in the field of building and solar energyDevelop know-how and skills useful to researchers andengineers who design new NZEB(*) buildings, solar systems,innovative systems and energy distribution networks as partof a global sustainable development policy.Train senior operational staff in the field of solar energy for the building and industry sectors.
  • To move towards a career of researcher while preparing the doctorate (NZEB(*) : Nearly Zero Energy Buildings).

Skills and expertise

  • Design and implement complex technological systems that are self-regulating (or autonomous) and that protect the environment through improved energy efficiency and the use of specific methods, processes and materials.
  • Expertise in associated tools (modeling, simulation, measurement, information management).

Multi-disciplinary Master’s degree course

The course program is closely linked to the research carried out by Polytech’s three research laboratories: Intelligent Systems (LISTIC), Energy and Sustainable Buildings (LOCIE), and Mechatronics (SYMME).

Our business and research partners include

Energy and Solar Buildings: TENERRDIS business cluster, Clipsol, Tecnisun, Photowatt, Tenesol, Imeris, Asder, Greth, Hespul, etc.

Mechatronics: Arve Industries business cluster in Haute Savoie, Alcatel, Somfy, Snr, Mécalac, Anthogyr, Bosch, etc.

Information processing: Alcatel, FranceTélécom, Schneider Electric, Total, etc.


The course is based on research carried out in the three Polytech laboratories: LISTIC intelligent systems, LOCIE, energy and sustainable building, SYMME mechatronics.

Among our business and research relationships:

Energy and Solar Building: pôle de compétitivité TENERRDIS, Clipsol, Tecnisun, Photowatt, Tenesol, Imeris, Asder, Greth, Hespul


  • 4 semesters (30 ECTS/semester)
  • 3 semesters allowing the customization of the student projects and internship according to his/her background, his/her research or professional project:
    • Lectures/tutorials/practical works.
    • Individual and collaborative in research labs.
    • Supervision of each project by a staff member (associate professor or full professor)

From semesters S7 to S9 – Academic learning : 65 ECTS / 90

  • Course (1,5h per session)
  • Tutorial (1,5h per session)
  • Practical work (4h per session)
  • 3 Projects : 25 ECTS / 90

Semester S10  – Internship : 30 ECTS

  • Master thesis (reserarch) or Professional internship
  • 4 months at least



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