Master 2 Energy and Solar Buildings (ESB)

Energy efficiency and buildings solar energy integration

The ESB Master will be replaced for the 2022/2023 academic year by the Master Energy for solar buildings and cities (ESBC). 
This new Master’s program, led by the Solar Academy Graduate School, offers two tracks, one focused on engineering, the other on law, economics and management. Supported by two components of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc, IAE and Polytech Annecy-Chambéry, it allows students to acquire essential cross-disciplinary skills that meet the societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow.
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The Master’s students:

  • will gain specialized skills in Energy and enough additional skills in other domains to meet the requirements of a multidisciplinary building and solar energy projects;
  • will become familiar with the requirements of a research or professional activities.


  • Train scientists capable of solving complex problems relating to the management, design and optimization of multiple-input technological systems.
  • Develop the expertise and skills needed to carry out research into energy management, environmental protection, the use of innovative materials and the production of innovative structures as part of a global policy of sustainable development.
  • To acquire scientific and techno-economic knowledge in the field of building and solar energyDevelop know-how and skills useful to researchers andengineers who design new NZEB(*) buildings, solar systems,innovative systems and energy distribution networks as partof a global sustainable development policy.Train senior operational staff in the field of solar energy for the building and industry sectors.
  • To move towards a career of researcher while preparing the doctorate (NZEB(*) : Nearly Zero Energy Buildings).

Skills and expertise

  • Design and implement complex technological systems that are self-regulating (or autonomous) and that protect the environment through improved energy efficiency and the use of specific methods, processes and materials.
  • Expertise in associated tools (modeling, simulation, measurement, information management).

Multi-disciplinary Master’s degree course

The course program is closely linked to the research carried out by Polytech’s three research laboratories: Intelligent Systems (LISTIC), Energy and Sustainable Buildings (LOCIE), and Mechatronics (SYMME).

Our business and research partners include

Energy and Solar Buildings: TENERRDIS business cluster, Clipsol, Tecnisun, Photowatt, Tenesol, Imeris, Asder, Greth, Hespul, etc.

Mechatronics: Arve Industries business cluster in Haute Savoie, Alcatel, Somfy, Snr, Mécalac, Anthogyr, Bosch, etc.

Information processing: Alcatel, FranceTélécom, Schneider Electric, Total, etc.


The course is based on research carried out in the three Polytech laboratories: LISTIC intelligent systems, LOCIE, energy and sustainable building, SYMME mechatronics.

Among our business and research relationships:

Energy and Solar Building: pôle de compétitivité TENERRDIS, Clipsol, Tecnisun, Photowatt, Tenesol, Imeris, Asder, Greth, Hespul


  • 4 semesters (30 ECTS/semester)
  • 3 semesters allowing the customization of the student projects and internship according to his/her background, his/her research or professional project:
    • Lectures/tutorials/practical works.
    • Individual and collaborative in research labs.
    • Supervision of each project by a staff member (associate professor or full professor)

From semesters S7 to S9 – Academic learning : 65 ECTS / 90

  • Course (1,5h per session)
  • Tutorial (1,5h per session)
  • Practical work (4h per session)
  • 3 Projects : 25 ECTS / 90

Semester S10  – Internship : 30 ECTS

  • Master thesis (reserarch) or Professional internship
  • 4 months at least



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