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I am a teacher of Polytech Annecy Chambéry and I mainly intervene in the speciality Instrumentation Automatic and Informatic (IAI). My main modules are in Signal Processing and Embedded Systems. Slides, some exercices and examples of labs are given below.

Random Signal Processing

Courses : handout and slides

Exercices : Subjects (without corrections)

Labs : 3 subjects (with Python codes) on the following topics

  • AutoCorrelation
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Adaptive Filter

Embedded Systems 1 (micro-controller)

Course (slide): Micro-controller and peripheral

Exercices :

Labs :

Embedded Systems 2 (multi-threading)

Course (slide): Multi-threading with examples (C codes)

Project: upcoming soon


I supervised with my colleagues J.J. Curtelin, Y. Yan and A. Atto some projects on the topic of “Image for environment”. More precisely, two main subjects have been developed these last years:

  • creation of a bench for a synthetic aperture sonar in aerial acoustics: embedded systems, mechanics, signal and image processing, electronics, sensors
  • Machine Learning for Remote Sensing Images : SAR (sentinel), hyperspectral, …

If you want more informations, please contact me.