Implementation of a near infrared detection channel on a multiphoton microscope

Période, durée

mars-juillet 2022, 4-6 mois

Profil recherché

Master student with a good background in optics and motivation for experimental work


yes : 3,90€/h


Annecy-le-vieux ; Maison de la mécatronique ; laboratoire Symme


The internship focuses on the implementation of a near-infrared (IR) detection channel on a multiphoton microscope to study harmonic nanoparticles. Harmonic nanoparticles are noncentrosymmetric nanocrystals which have very rich optical properties and applications as nanoprobes for bio-imaging (1). Specific nonlinear optical processes such as four wave mixing will be studied in in this wavelength range with a particular attention paid to the reliability of the measurements and the quantification of the various signals.



Equipe projet

Ronan Le Dantec , enseignant-chercheur IUT MPh / SYMME
Yannick Mugnier , enseignant-chercheur Polytech Annecy-Chambéry / SYMME