Internship opportunities

Spring 2023

Automatic detection of pathological breath sounds to assess bronchial congestion (4th or 5th year engineering students)

Multi-media integration of graphical Web services (IUT student)

Implementation of interactive online practical work on mechanical characterization tests of materials (provided)

Numerical modeling of nonlinear oscillators for vibration energy recovery (provided by a student in 4th year Digital System and Instrumentation (SNI) of Polytech Annecy-Chambéry)

TAO-Flex project (SAMAYA Company: designer of ultra light tents for mountaineering in extreme conditions) (4th year student in Digital System and Instrumentation (SNI) of Polytech Annecy-Chambéry)

Determining the transfer function of a seismic sensor (Master 2 or engineering student)

Wireless transmission of electrodynamic energy for the powering of in-vivo biomedical systems (student in master 2 or in engineering school in electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, applied physics)

Modeling and design of auxetic piezoelectric structures for vibration energy recovery (student in mechanics at the level of bac+5)


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