The research at the SYMME laboratory

In addition to project reviews, the laboratory's researchers exchange scientific views at Axis meetings.

Two Axes have been defined:


Industrial quality axis (IQ)

The Industrial Quality (IQ) axis develops research for the improvement of design, manufacturing and inspection processes for manufactured products.

Research carried out in the Industrial Quality Axis


Materials, Systems and Intelligent Instrumentation (MSII) Axis

The Intelligent Materials, Structures and Instrumentation (MSII) axis covers the activities of research ranging from the synthesis and structural, thermodynamic and physical characterization of functional materials and nanomaterials (catalytic, electro-active, optically non-linear), to the instrumentation and control of complex mechatronic systems, through the use of active materials and/or electromechanically coupled structures for applications such as selective gas sensors, health instrumentation or ambient energy recovery.

Research conducted in the MSII Axis

The common point of this research is the development and use of so-called functional materials, with multi-physical properties, so-called "intelligent" structures (ranging from devices to the acquisition and processing of interaction data), and an application domain related to energy and/or health.