Documented development on E.T.L. (TALEND)

Period, duration

May-July 2021, 30 bonus days

Profile required

student of IUT MMI or INFO


3.90/h (standard)


Le Bourget-du-lac ; Polytech ; Symme laboratory


In the context of ongoing IT developments concerning interoperability between skills repositories, the work expected is the development of new connectors to new repositories. The first task of this internship is to document the existing developments in the form of a tutorial. The second task is to implement a new connector via the TALEND data integration software editor (E.T.L. for Extract Transform Load). The trainee will work with another trainee experienced in E.T.L. developments.



Project team

Christophe Courtin, teacher-researcher IUT Chambéry / Symme, Symme doctoral student