Finalisation of the laboratory database and its links with the website

Period, duration

April-July 2021, 2 months

Profile sought

student of IUT or computer engineering school (DUT MMI, FI4 IAI...) with skills in MySql database programming; with the LARAVEL framework; with the Open Source CMS WordPress


3,90€/hour (standard)


Le Bourget-du-lac; Polytech; Symme laboratory (possibility to be at a distance)


For several years the laboratory has been developing a database to keep track of all its projects research and the people working on them. The database currently has about 35 projects since 2019 and about 250 people. It allows :
  • an automatic update of its website with regard to these people and projects;
  • a bettere management of its staff, its premises, and eventually its equipment, and its external relations.
The current version 2 still suffers from several gaps and bugs that have been referenced. 
The three objectives of the proposed course are, in order of priority :
  1. remove all bugs and fill in gaps in the database, which impliesra a modification of the data model;
  1. prepare the dissemination of this application application to other public research laboratories;
  1. drawing up the specifications for the registration and management of equipment.  
This internship will be supported by a project team already established and familiar with the technologies used.



Project Team

Christine Ferraris, teacher-researcher SCEM / Symme
Éric Pairel, teacher-researcher POLYTECH A-C / Symme
Christophe Courtin, teacher-researcher IUT Le-Bourget-du-lac / Symme
Arnaud Guibert, engineer Digital Department université Savoie Mont Blanc
Olivier Pouydebat, engineer Digital Department université Savoie Mont Blanc