Adrien BADEL


Adrien BADEL

University Professor

Research Section

section 63 - Electrical, Electronic, Photonic and Systems Engineering


Direction of theses - in progress

PhD student: Tigran AVETISSIAN
Thesis: In-ear technologies: piezoelectric approaches for energy autonomy

Doctoral student: Aya BENHEMOU
Thesis: Performance optimisation of bistable vibration energy harverting devices

PhD student: Camille SAINT-MARTIN
Thesis: Optimal vibration energy harvester design

PhD student: Nicolas DECROIX
Thesis: Adaptive frequency tuning electronic systems for broadband vibration energy harvesting

PhD student: Adrien AMEYE
Thesis: Low frequency hybrid wireless power transmitter for autonomous system

PhD student: Quentin DEMOURON
Thesis: Electronic interfaces for the recovery of vibratory energy by bistable piezoelectric generators.

Direction of theses - past

PhD student: Yipeng WU
Thesis: Broadband vibration energy harvesting from piezoelectric transducers
Date: 07 Oct 2014

PhD student: Weiquin LIU
Thesis: Design of a broadband vibration energy harvesting device
Date: 27 Oct 2014

PhD student: Gwyddyon FENIES
Thesis: Development and optimisation of a Stirling engine for thermal energy recovery
Date : 23 Nov 2016

PhD student: Florian HUET
Thesis: Development of hybrid electromechanical structures for micro energy sources: linear and non-linear piezoelectric generators
Date : 14 Dec 2016


Office mdm312
7, Chemin de Bellevue
House of Mechatronics

74944 Annecy-le-Vieux


Contact at the House of Mechatronics
Telephone: +33450096517
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Project: Dynamically adaptive electrical interfaces to the frequency spectrum for broadband vibrational energy harvesting

Project: Fast and Nano-Enabled Smart Materials, Structures and Systems for Energy Harvesting

Project: Hybrid low frequency wireless power transmission for autonomous systems

Project: Rail Monitoring - A new generation remote monitoring system for railway infrastructures