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section 60 - Mechanics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering


Thesis supervision - in progress

Doctoral student: Tigran AVETISSIAN
Thesis: In-ear technologies: piezoelectric approaches for energy autonomy

Thesis management - past theses

Doctoral student: Yipeng WU
Thesis: Broadband vibration energy harvesting from piezoelectric transducers
Date : 07 Oct 2014

PhD student: Weiquin LIU
Thesis: Design of a broadband vibration energy harvesting device
Date : Oct 27, 2014

Doctoral student: Gwyddyon FENIES
Thesis: Development and optimization of a Stirling engine for thermal energy recovery.
Date : Nov 23, 2016

Doctoral student: Thomas MONIN
Thesis: Studies of self-oscillating thermo-fluidic systems for thermal energy recovery applications.
Date : Nov 22, 2017


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