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section 60 - Mechanics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering


Thesis supervision - in progress

Doctoral student: Nwigwe UZOMA
Thesis: Study of long crack propagation in fatigue: Experimental and discrete dislocation dynamics approach

Doctoral student: Hai Anh PHUNG
Thesis: Experimental and numerical study of the development of deformation heterogeneities within metallic materials. Application to a bimaterial ribbon.

PhD student: Wilfried LIEGARD
Thesis: Towards a better prediction of the bending of metal parts / Vers une meilleure prédiction du pliage de pièces métalliques

Doctoral student: Daouda NIKIEMA
Thesis: Towards modeling structures in 3D printing of long-fiber-reinforced composites.

Thesis management - past theses

Doctoral student: Jean COLLOMB
Thesis: Optimization of the thermomechanical sizing process of Autonomous Efficient Thermal Transfer Mold for rapid processing of continuous-reinforced composite materials.
Date : 06 Dec 2018

Doctoral student: Nhat-Khoa DO
Thesis: Contribution to the control of EDM machining
Date : 21 Sep 2020

PhD student: Laurent BIZET
Thesis: Characterization and modeling of the thermomechanical behavior of metallic materials: towards the consideration of intrinsic micro-structural heterogeneities.
Date : 07 Jan 2016

Doctoral student: Nesrine KSIKSI
Thesis: Advanced material characterization for localization prediction on thin sheet metal.
Date : Dec 09, 2016

Doctoral student: Leonida GRANON
Thesis: From the traditional manufacturing SME/SMI to the mechatronic company: key steps and proposal of a mechatronic reference frame.
Date : Oct 10, 2017


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