Monthly French program

The Short-term French Program is a monthly program designed primarily for students wishing to rapidly develop their French language skills in order to pursue university studies in France, or simply to deepen their knowledge of the language and integrate into a French-speaking environment.

This program consists of a monthly academics of 45 hours based on French language lessons covering the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
For each of our monthly sessions (which last 3 weeks), you will follow 15 hours of lessons per week.

Open to anyone wishing to acquire proficiency in French, the program aims to introduce students to the French language and culture, but also, for intermediate to advanced levels, to prepare them for French university studies by combining language practice and progressive disciplinary immersion.

What can I expect? What will I learn?
In this course, you'll be mixed with students from DUEF courses. Each session consists of 3 weeks of classes, part of the level in which you will be placed.
In this time, you can neither reach nor validate a level of French (as it takes an average of 12 weeks of French immersion study to complete a full level!). However, you will learn elements of all the language skills corresponding to your level! One thing's for sure: it's a great way to make progress in the language, and you'll leave with a lot of extra baggage! And who knows, maybe you'll stay longer... You're always welcome to extend or sign up for several sessions, as many do 🙂
For more details, you can find below in the course programs, the course content by level and by CU/month of learning.

The courses are as follows:

  • 45 hours of intensive French language courses, i.e. 15 hours per week over 3 weeks:
    > Classes Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm

NB: Each validated session is worth 4 ECTS.


Other courses available : summer courses (June and July)

Once you have completed the registration form, to finalize your registration you must send :

    • confirmation of payment of 450 euros per session (225€ for refugees and asylum seekers*)
      for sessions 2024-2025, starting in September: confirmation of payment of 500 euros per session (250€ for refugees and asylum seekers*)
    • a copy of your ID or passport
    • *if you are a refugee or an asylum seeker, valid proof of refugee status.
    • a high school diploma (baccalaureate type) is recommended (academics not suitable for people who need literacy courses beforehand)
    • NB: personal liability insurance is compulsory; the university declines all responsibility.

Terms and conditions on this page

DATES 2023/2024

  • 2024 :
    January session: January 15 to February 2 (complete beginners session)
    - February session: February 5 to 23 - *no complete beginners
    - March session: March 4 to March 22 - *elementary level required (A1 in progress)
    -April session: March 25 to April 12 - *basic level required (A1 in progress)
  • Summer School 2024
    June session : June 3 to 21
    July session : July 1 to 19
    > see this page summer courses for details!


DATES 2024/2025

  • 2024 :
    September session: September 16 to October 4 (complete beginners)
    -October session: October 7 to 25 - *no complete beginners
    - November session: November 4 to November 22 - *basic level required (A1 in progress)
    - December session: November 25 to December 13 - *basic level required (A1 in progress)
  • 2025 :
    January session: January 20 to February 7 (complete beginners)
    - February session: February 10 to 28 - *no complete beginners
    - March session: March 10 to 28 - *elementary level required (A1 in progress)
    -April session: March 31 to April 18 - *basic level required (A1 in progress)
  • Summer course 2025
    June session : June 2 to 20
    July session : June 30 to July 18
    > see this page summer courses for details!


*If you're not sure whether you're ready to join a session, you can contact us to take an online test (recommended, especially for beginners (A1)).

  • Price 2023/2024: 450€ per session
    Price 2024/2025: 500€ per session
  • This price includes :
    - 45 hours of classes
    - Access to cultural and sports activities organized by the USMB for its international students;
  • This price does not include (non-exhaustive list):
    - Accommodation, meals and any other personal expenses.
    - NB: Personal liability insurance is compulsory. The university declines all responsibility.


Refugees and asylum seekers can benefit from a 50% discount on courses, on presentation of valid proof.

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