Welcome to the LISTIC laboratory

The scientific orientations of the LISTIC are in line with the priorities given in France at research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital development. The LISTIC is more specifically oriented towards two fundamental aspects: learning and [...]

Our scientific themes

It is approached by two AFUTÉ themes: Learning, FUsion and Remote Sensing, ReGaRD: Data Representation and Processing for Humans. Prior to the 2019 reorganization, it was addressed by three CODE Working Groups: Learning, WUsion and Remote Sensing, ReGaRD: Human Data Representation and Processing.

HDR defense of Flavien VERNIER (25 June at 2pm)

HDR topic: From the execution of image processing chains to the distributed acquisition of knowledge by processing Friday, June 25, 2021 at 2:00 pm in visio. Abstract: The SAR image processing chains [...]

UNITA Seminar 3 March 2021

Title: Data replication in large-scale distributed systems Summary: Data replication is a key mechanism for building a reliable and efficient data management system. Indeed, by keeping several replicas for each piece of data, it is possible to [...]

Award for the best student article 2020 for Guilhem Marsy!

28 January 2021 : Congratulations to Guilhem MARSY, Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Engineer 2017 (IAI speciality), Doctor Université Savoie Mont Blanc 2020 (Cifre thesis LISTIC/EDYTEM - Ténévia) 3D velocity field calculated at the surface of the glacier [...].