Conferences and workshops

Organized since the creation of LISTIC

SL-S&IP Statistical learning 2019
SAR SAR, criosphere, remote sensing 2019
Cybersecurity internet, security 2018
TOTh terminology, ontology 2018
IEEE CIVEMSA IEEE conference, computational intelligence, virtual environments, measurement systems, human-computer interaction 2017
TOTh terminology, ontology 2017
FOIS ontology 2016
TOTh terminology, ontology 2016
MULTITEMP Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing 2015
MCDA Multi-Criteria Decision Support 2015
TOTh terminology, ontology 2015
Club EEA electronics, electrical engineering, automation, sustainable development 2014
TOTh terminology, ontology 2014
CONTEXT'13 context, architecture, cognitive science, context-sensitive, home automation 2013
TOTh terminology, ontology 2013
CBMI multimedia indexing 2012
TOTh terminology, ontology 2012
EUSFLAT fuzzy logic 2011
EEM mechatronics, dependability 2011
TOTh terminology, ontology 2011
ENERSI  renewable energies, intelligent systems 2010
TOTh terminology, ontology 2010
LFA days fuzzy logic 2009
MACS  best research practices for industry 2009
TOTh terminology, ontology 2009
IMEKO people, science, measurements 2008
CHCP  contextualization, user-centered processes 2008
TOTh terminology, ontology 2008
IEA-AIE industrial applications of intelligent systems 2006
EASSS multi-agent systems 2006
JFSMA multi-agent systems 2006

Archive of conferences held before LISTIC was founded

IPMU02 information processing, uncertainty management 2002
QUALITA01 quality, operating safety 2001
MOSIM99 modeling, simulation, physical and information flows 1999
SISICA97 intelligent components, instruments for control applications 1997