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Address: LISTIC - Polytech Annecy-Chambéry, BP 80439 - Annecy le Vieux, 74944 ANNECY Cedex, France


Topic: Decision support method for avalanche risk

Abstract: This thesis is part of the Interreg France Switzerland CIME (Choix d'Itinéraire de MontagnE) project which aims to help mountain professionals in their daily decision making. In this context, the main objective of the thesis is to take into account heterogeneous and multi-source information, to combine them and to integrate them into a tool allowing the expert to visualize the level of vigilance to adopt on the ground, with regard to the avalanche risk. This work will implement methods for merging uncertain information in order to aggregate multiple heterogeneous criteria, including those from field observations. This level of vigilance to be adopted locally, along a mountain ski itinerary, will also have to be characterised by a degree of reliability of the assistance provided.

Keywords: Risk assessment - Fusion method - Imprecise uncertain data

Supervisor : Didier COQUIN

Co-supervisors : Frédéric POURRAZ - Hervé VERJUS - Gilles MAURIS

Start of the thesis: October 2019

Graduate school : SISEO Sciences and Engineering of Systems, Environment and Organisations


Initiation to Web development - DUT Computer Networks and Telecoms, 1st year - IUT d'Annecy