Floulib is a library for fuzzy logic which was designed to implement exercises proposed in the second edition of the book in French "Logique floue : exercices corrigés" by Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier, Laurent Foulloy, Mohammed Ramdani, Cépadues-Editions.

It implements many operations on fuzzy subsets including representations of membership functions (discrete, triangle, trapezoid, multilinear, LR), operations on membership functions, rules, inference, fuzzification, defuzzification, transformations of probability distributions into possibility distributions (optimal transformation for unimodal symmetric distributions, two-sided normalized transformation for other unimodal distributions) and many other features.

Floulib was designed for learning and teaching applications. Simplicity of use was sometimes sought to the detriment of performances.


See https://floulib.readthedocs.io.


Floulib requires

  • matplotlib
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • shapely

Installing Floulib

We recommend installing Floulib using one of the available built distributions, for example using pip:

pip install floulib

In case of error you may have to install Shapely first.

pip install shapely
pip install floulib


Bugs may be reported at https://github.com/YolfTypo3/floulib/issues.