Air treatment process evaluation platform

Test benches under controlled conditions

Different air streams with perfectly controlled inlet conditions (flow, humidity, temperature, concentration).



  • Instrumented open gas vein for the evaluation of aerosol filtration processes
  • Instrumented open gas stream for studying oxidation processes
  • Gas stream for evaluating adsorption processes
  • Instrumented closed loop for multi-step process evaluation
  • 1m3 inert chamber




Particle filtration

Solid and liquid aerosol dispensers :

  • Liquid monodispersed solid aerosol: GP92 (Setra)
  • Aérosol liquide ou solide polydispersé < 1 µm : générateur ATM220 (Topas)
  • Solid aerosol from dry powders: RBG-1000 rotating brush generator (Palas)


Particle counters :

  • 0.3 µm to 20 µm range: two Grimm optical counters (model 1.108, Intertek)
  • 10 nm to 365 nm range: Nanoscan SMPS counter (model 3910, TSI) *.
  • Thinner for solid or liquid aerosols: Palas VKL-100S


Charge neutralizer :

  • X-ray neutralizer (model 3088, TSI)


VOC generator, chemical analysis, material characterization

VOC micropollution generator, Bronkhorst

Continuous gas analyzers :

  • Ozone: O342-serie e (Environnement SA) *
  • Ozone: APOA-370 (Horiba)
  • Nitrogen oxides: APNA-370 (Horiba)
  • Total VOCs: Series 9000 (EPA)

Chromatography :

  • HPLC Serie 200 (Perkin Elmer)
  • CG GC2010 (Shimadzu)
  • CG Autosystem XL (Perkin Elmer)



Thermogravimetric analysis ATG :

  • Thermobalance ATG/DSC 3+ (Mettler Toledo)


USMB platform equipment :

  • Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC-MS)
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • Materials characterization (DSC, DMA, X-ray diffractometer, etc.)