The LOCIE's analysis platform is composed of various types of devices designed to assess indoor air quality, characterize energy conversion processes by biological (methanization, microbial cell) or physical (organic photovoltaic) means. The set consists of the following main devices:

Apart from the LOCIE's specific platform, we share within the University of Savoie an electron microscopy platform, a laser granulometer, a gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer as well as a set of materials characterization (DSC, DMA, X-ray diffractometer, ...).


The structural platform in the "Margeriaz Hall" is designed to test the mechanical behaviour of structural elements on a scale of 0.4 to 1 and is equipped with several test benches. A horizontal test bench used to stress large parts in tension or compression and a gantry 3.15m wide and 4m high used for different types of tests, bending, shear, tension, compression. This equipment has been dimensioned so that the deformations remain low up to 300 kN of force. They can be equipped with various instruments including 2 electric jacks (2 x 120 kN) and 1 hydraulic jack (300 kN). The acquisition equipment also includes accelerometers and a high definition camera for image intercorrelation. The whole system is simultaneously controlled by a central acquisition unit. This equipment is used to study the quasi-static and vibratory behaviour of masonry walls and connections of reinforced concrete elements in particular.


The LOCIE has:

  • a high-resolution 15MPix AVT GE4900 camera.
  • high-powered illumination devices.
  • a PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) measurement bench consisting of a dual pulse laser (DualPower 65-15) and a 4MPix double frame camera (FlowSense 4M). An automated system of laser and camera movement allows the examination of relatively large areas in a very precise way. It is used in many applications to characterize fluid flows (water, air, ...) by measuring velocity fields. Examples of applications: building aeraulics ("double skin" walls, air flow control in wood-frame walls), natural convection in a closed cavity (boundary layer, thermal plume), vegetated walls.
  • a particle generator to seed the air with tracer.
  • a macro lens to do IVP in microfluidics (in microchannels).
  • a laser tomography system that allows the visualization of a section in a fluid flow (Laser RayPower 2000 + Basler camera).
  • an infra-red thermography system allowing the measurement of a temperature field of a surface at a distance from the infrared luminous flux.
  • two high-speed cameras.