Scientific Organization

The building integrated into its environment must take up challenges in terms of design, rehabilitation, choice of materials that compose it (local, recyclable) but also in terms of performance, interdependence and interconnection with its territory, in terms of production/consumption of renewable energy (solar coupling, geothermal, energy), air quality and climate mitigation and adaptation.

The discussions on the unit's project have led to the proposal of a new organization that will contribute to these challenges by drawing on the laboratory's skills. This structuring into 3 themes favours the mix and interactions between researchers from different fields of expertise around common objects on research .

The research is divided into 3 themes, each focusing on the complexity of envelopes with increased functionalities, systems and the connection of the building or a group of buildings to its environment, in particular via energy networks. Each group brings together different areas of expertise and develops its research in conjunction with the others: